In Sanskrit “Swasthya” means health, which has a deep meaning. It is a combination of two root Sanskrit words – “Swa” means Self and “Stha” means centered. Therefore, swasthya can be roughly defined as “Centered in one’s own Self”. In our Indian System, self means Sat-Chit-Ananda or Being-Consciousness-Bliss. This is supposed to be the true nature of every being, and any nonconformity to this state of well-being will be considered as a disease.

The early Rishis understood that in order to attain higher form consciousness, a healthy mind and body is necessary. Maharishi Patanjali defines “Vyadhi” or disease as one of the nine hurdles that come between you and higher consciousness. However, he also said that these diseases and the diseases that might manifest in the future can be eliminated through yogic practices. Yoga has always played an important role in the preservation of body health and its procedures can be considered as a system of medicine in itself.

This International yoga day let’s understand how we can channel Yoga for a calmer and healthier daily life

The first two fragments of Yoga, namely Yama and Niyama are targeted towards at the external and internal coordination of a human being. Principles such as truth, cleanliness, non-stealing, non-violence, and contentment bring peace into the society and into the personal life of an individual. Deviating from this path can lead to a stressful and straining life.

The vital energy in the body is defined as Prana. Prana takes care of the physiology of the body. Prana takes care of our cardiac, digestive, and nervous system. Prana runs in your body through channels called nadis. When there is a block in the nadis, the flow goes haywire, which leads to physical disorders. Asanas and pranayama helps in balancing the prana in the body.



Pranayama and Meditation helps in calming the mind and removing stress and anxiety. It helps in improving mental health, which leads to better peace and stability of the mind. Meditation affords your brain with calmer alpha waves, which is usually induced during deep relaxation. It helps in improving memory, mental clarity and coordination



Asanas improve flexibility, balance, and strength in the body. It helps in toning the internal organs, improves blood circulation, and eliminates toxins from the system. Yoga has the gift of regenerating body tissues and reversing the aging process. Asanas are extremely good for the flexibility of the spine and joints, which in turn makes the body feel younger. It can assist in correcting wrong postures and eliminate complications caused by incorrect work habits.