Yoga and Human Hair Wigs: Positivity During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy comes with all sorts of implications and concerns. Hair loss, physical discomfort, weakness and fatigue are all associated with treatments necessary for beating cancer. But what if you responded to this daunting challenge by finding something positive that would have otherwise remained undiscovered to you? From wearing a human hair wig to doing yoga and meditation, there are many ways to encourage beneficial thoughts and generate positive feelings. Let’s explore a few ways to combat negativity while expanding on a positive outlook.

First things first: recognise that being positive is a choice. This may be the hardest step: feeling optimistic about yourself and the way you go about things in the face of great difficulty and entirely legitimate worries and concerns. But just because you have been forced to confront the challenge of chemotherapy does not mean that your emotions and state of mind should succumb to the problems that we connect with it.

Yoga and Human Hair Wigs

After all, despite its often powerful side effects, chemotherapy is intended as a journey towards recovery – and this is what you and your friends and family should be focused on. So when feeling fatigued and upset, remember that these struggles are a part of this journey. When you or people close to you are distressed or upset, remind each other that negative feeling breeds negative feeling, so despite any physical hardship, the effort needed to remain mentally positive and determined is absolutely worth it.

Having accepted the challenge of staying positive, you can now consider what new interests and activities can help you maintain that mindset. Yoga and meditation are fantastic ways of keeping fit and healthy, calm and mentally strong. Yoga will keep you nimble, improve blood flow and strengthen muscles. It helps promote a healthy lifestyle, generally, and will encourage you to eat healthily.

Meanwhile, meditation can play a crucial role in reducing stress, lowering the levels of hormones associated with anxiety, while also contributing to a general sense of wellbeing, as well as promoting an increased awareness of the body and its needs.

Furthermore, the challenge of becoming accustomed to a new range of activities is an excellent way to keep the mind and body focused on positive experiences.

Also, there is the additional benefit of the classes for such activities introducing you to a whole new social group. Making new friends and spending time outside of your normal routine is great for feeling good about yourself, but self-esteem can be affected by waves of fatigue or by hair loss. If, however, you choose to wear a human hair wig, you can very quickly breathe new confidence into yourself and your social life, and find that you have more energy for meeting new friends than perhaps you ever did before.

Keeping positive isn’t always easy, but the important things in life rarely are. So recognise optimism as a necessary feature of your recovery, and you won’t just be helping yourself, but those close to you, also.