Why Waukegan Parents Should Never Consent to Youth Drug Use

“They are going to drink anyway, so they might as well do it under my own roof!” Alan exclaimed his reasons for allowing his two teen daughters, age 15 and 17, to host parties in his home, including providing alcoholic beverages.  “All of their parents know they are here, they know there is beer, but they also know that an adult is here and no one is driving home.” It has certain logic, to be sure, but are teens whose parents know they drink or do drugs really any safer?

Teen substance use

Teen tobacco use in America is at an all-time low. In the past two decades, use of any illicit drug has generally declined. Alcohol use among teens has also decreased, overall.  However, prescription drug abuse is on the rise, as well as the use of e-cigarettes.  Teen marijuana use is also on the rise, with more youth smoking marijuana than cigarettes.  All of these behaviors are illegal for young people, many of them illegal at any age. With these harmful drugs on the rise, young individuals need to stop abusing drugs in order to have a healthy future. If it isn’t possible for them to stop on their own and lecturing and talking about the severity of drug abuse on its own, then they need to go to a substance addiction Waukegan center for further action.

substance addiction Waukegan

Parent involvement

While it is true that teens who abuse drugs or alcohol with parent consent may have a lower risk of such negative side effects as injury or school-related problems, the risks of addiction and other serious consequences are not affected by consent.

While no single factor determines the likelihood of addiction, teens may be more likely to develop dependency and other negative consequences of consumption. With this being said, it is important to always keep in mind worse comes to worse, there is a drug rehabilitation Waukegan in the community close by to your home, available to any individual with a drug addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse change the chemical structure of the brain.  A young person’s brain is still developing, with full development unlikely to occur until at least the age of 25. Age at first use is a contributing factor in addiction, so even a “safe” environment like the home does not exclude the user from the very real consequences of substance abuse.

What parents can do

Open communication is a crucial part of good parenting.  Parents like Alan can indeed be honest and “real” with children, but also insist upon age-appropriate, legal behavior.  Beyond the ordinary commitments of school, sports and a part-time job, a growing number of young people are using internet and social media tools to affect positive change in the world.  Parents can educate young people about the resources available to untangle the web of small town boredom with something more effective than alcohol use or screen time. Get involved in your child’s life, Waukegan, but without consenting to youth drug use.

If unfortunately your child if abusing drugs and alcohol, having them go to a drug rehab in Waukegan since it is close by, is the best opportunity for your child and their future. Here they will have a natural and holistic method for recovery