What Is The Reason For Tinnitus Sound?

Tinnitus is buzzing sound generated inside the inner ear which is the complicated system of hearing function where cochlea and other nerves are located. Cochlea is fluid filled part which converts the mechanical signal received in the ear drum and converts it into electrical pulses. The impulses will be transferred to the brain functions through nerves. Further the signal are processed in the brain cells and sent to thought process. If there is a problem in brain cells due to trauma this will cause the auditory process disorder which is affecting many of the children’s in America and all over the world. This will reduce the children’s learning skills, reading skills and distract them from conversation. If there are some problems in the neural system which transfers the information from cochlea to brain, there will be a sound generated which will be irritating the human nature. This can be an acute tinnitus which will not longer for more than one year and this can be chronic which will longer for more than one year. The damage in the neural system can be caused by any hearing losses. And it is reported by many people that they are living a peaceful without any hearing loss even though they are suffered by the tinnitus. If you are feeling the above said problems immediately find an audiologist and do the tinnitus treatment nyc as soon as possible.

Tinnitus Sound

The treatments are either surgery or using hearing aids which supports the hearing aids from tinnitus sound. More often surgery is not an option because you may get permanent deafness. The root cause and solution to the problem is yet to be found and practiced. So surgery is not a reliable option. And people of age above fifty are more vulnerable to this problem. These people’s health condition may not support the surgery. And the surgery makes them stay in home for two to three months.

The older people are advised to go for hearing aids or maskers or Cochlear implants which are better than surgery at your age. Even cochlear implant needs surgery which is just placing an electronic device at the inner ear which does the function of inner ear and nerves have no more functions. Maskers are better option which generates the sound which are very pleasant and best in overcoming the tinnitus sounds.

Nerve stimulation therapies are also available which stimulates the nerves by electric shocks or by using mechanical vibrations. This is not recommended for older people but not an issue to young people of middle age. The natural therapy through food control and vitamins are good at the beginning stage and only a solution for acute tinnitus. For chronic tinnitus, hearing aids could be a better option. If you live in New York and suffering from tinnitus problem, just look out for tinnitus treatment nyc where many advanced technologies are available to diagnose and treat in a better way.

Other therapies for tinnitus problems

Other therapy is very generic and works on logic. Medically may not be proven like natural treatment but can be considered to be an alternative as permanent solutions. They are




Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)



Oxygen therapy

The above said therapies are not widely practiced. But these are to maintain the tinnitus sound control level after using the above said electronic devices.