What Does Generic Medicine Actually Mean?

With generic drugs available online you can choose which medicine suits you best. It can be a lifestyle based drug like Viagra kaufen. They are made from the same active ingredients that are used in the fire medicines and works just as well. They are cheaper because whenever a company discovers a new drug they get exclusive patent rights to be able to produce the drug. Once the patent expires the other pharmaceutical companies can produce the same medicine in a different name.

Provides the same benefits:

A generic drug is a medication that provides the same benefits e same as an existing approved brand-name drug. It’s created similar in dosage form, strength and route of administration. The quality and performance of the series of branded medications are no different from the characteristics and clinical benefit of generic drugs. For example, the generic form of the drug to treat impotency Viagra kaufen is also available online but the only difference would be in its brand-name version as the ingredients remain the same.

Reduction in costs:

Most of the laboratories of many companies spend huge amounts to invent a drug. Years of research go into its formulation. Research and advertising costs will be a part of brand-name drugs will be cut off. What seeps as an additional cost is an inflation after it gains approval in the market.  According to a study published by Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) which pegs the cost of developing a prescription drug that gains market approval at $2.6 billion. This is a 145% increase. Generic drugs are even preferred by health insurances mainly for this reason.


There are certified generic drugs that have the same active ingredients. Experts recommend them as their manufacturing and packaging must pass the same quality standards.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is strict in noting down the performance of generic drugs that requires high-end quality as brand name drugs.


Generic drugs are as safe as brand-name drugs and at the same time effective. The FDA equally scrutinizes all drugs to be safe for consumption. They work the same way with the body surprisingly even come with risks and side effects brand- name counterparts since generics use the same active ingredients.

Therefore, the exclusivity attached upon approval of a drug is a patent and nothing but the lawful ways to protect drugs from copycat versions. However, patents are no doubt a bitter pill for pharmaceutical companies because it can take eight years or more after invention to accumulate enough data to get a drug past the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This kills additional time in case of medicine which is patented for 20 years after the drug is invented.

 At times significant drugs come patent free if the companies volunteer to help people gain access to them. But having both patent and exclusivity protection will take some time for companies to make a generic version of them legally. This contributes to rising prices of medication.