What Are the Types of Anabolic Steroids?

Are you new to bodybuilding or athletic field? Don’t know more about anabolic steroids? But, want to know different types of steroids? Then, at last, you reached the right place to stop your wonderings on types of steroids. Not only you, but also one and all people who newly entering into the field of bodybuilding and athletic should don’t know more about steroids especially anabolic steroids.

Simply they thought that anabolic steroids help to get bigger muscle and to lose weight. But, there are various types of anabolic steroids and based on the type of steroid only you will get results. This is because each steroid is designed to work different functionality on the body. Additionally, various types of anabolic steroids result in dramatic changes in the body.

Feel of your Body

What are the types of anabolic steroids?

Prior to using any kind of anabolic steroids for your workout session, it is very important to know about different types of anabolic steroids, so that you can able to ensure that which type of steroid suits for you. At the same time, from knowing all types of anabolic steroids help you to get rid of side effects and as well as aid to learning the right way of using steroids.

Each and every type of steroid is available in these days market, but all those ready in the form of various types of vitamin supplements. And, you can get all types of vitamin supplements in the drug store. Therefore, types of anabolic steroids are not different as types of vitamin supplements.

Let’s see different types of anabolic steroids!!


One of the most commonly used and as well as popular type of anabolic steroids is testosterone, which helps to enhance the characteristics of a male. In addition to that, it also helps to gain muscles and losing weight. When you use this kind of anabolic steroid while working out, you will do better performance and also get more effort from your body.

However, you need to use this steroid carefully to get rid of side effects and other chemical changes in the body. At the same time, the result of using testosterone steroid varies from person to person. But, the side effects of the improper use of steroid results the same problems on the body.

But, you can able to avoid the side effects of testosterone by monitoring the change of mood. If you feel your mood is going to aggressively, then you to need to stop using of the steroid. However, various steroids cause different types of moods, so you need to make use the mood where you need.

Other types of anabolic steroids:

Apart from that, there are other types of steroids available on the market for the same reasons. Some of those are as follows:

  • Nandrolone
  • Boldenone
  • Androstenedione
  • Stanozolol

As like as testosterone steroid, this kind of steroids has its own pros and cons, so know all and then start to use.