Vietnam: 20 Food And Drink Menu Items You Need To Know 

Vietnamese cuisine is rich and it has a variety of dishes for you to choose from. There are a lot of dishes that are healthy and can fit anyone who is having a special dietary requirement. Many people are now interested in Vietnamese cuisine since it has become globalized. There are many immigrants who create a Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore.

Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore

Cha Ca

Cha Ca is a fish recipe. The fish is sautéed with dill and scallions. The herb dill is an important ingredient of Cha Ca since it enhances the taste of the fish. Cha Ca is cooked with a dark sauce.


Pho is a noodle soup dish. There are varieties of Pho. The toppings of Pho can either be chicken, fresh raw beef meat or plain vegetables. The broth of Pho is simmered for 8 hours to 12 hours. It is always served hot to have a delicious taste.


Ban Xeo is a crispy crepe. Rolled into the crepe are generous amount of meat, herbs, bean sprouts and shrimp.  The rolled crepe is wrapped in a thin rice paper and dipped into a sauce prepared by the chef.

Cao Lau

Cao Lau is garnished with crispy wonton wrappers and meat. The thick broth with herbs is added to the noodles soup that creates a Vietnamese touch to the dish.

Rau Muong

Rau muong is a stir fried morning glory. It is seasoned with slices of garlic to make it taste good. It is often served as a side dish.

Nem Ran or Cha Gio

NemRan is a crunchy spring rolls in a bite size pieces. It is stuffed with meat, shrimp, vegetables, and herb and wrapped in a rice paper. A tangy sauce is prepared as a dipping sauce to the dish.


The popular spring roll where there is a layer of coriander rolled with meat, shrimps, vegetables and other herb like mint. It is often serve with the traditional pungent fish sauce as a dipping sauce.

Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue is a noodle dish for meat lovers. The thick noodles is served in a meaty broth and topped with slices of different types of meat.


It is a Vietnamese pancake cut in bite sized pieces. The pancake is rolled with shrimp, spring onions and mung beans. The crunchy covering made of coconut milk makes it taste unique and delicious. It is then garnished with shrimp flakes.

Ga Tan

Ga tan is the same as the chicken noodle soup. Ga tan is good for you when you got colds. This is an equivalent to the Chinese tonic.

Nom HoaChuoi

This is a banana flower salad mixed with carrots, cilantro, chicken strips, and papaya. It is tossed in a fish sauce and garnished with peanuts.

Bun Bo Nam Bo

It’s one of the noodle dishes in Vietnam with slices of beef, bean sprouts and crunchy peanuts. It is garnished with crispy fried shallots, fresh herbs and seasoned with fish sauce.

HoaQua Dam

It’s a bowl of fresh tropical fruits mixed with condensed milk. Hoa Qua dam is good refreshment if the weather is hot.

Pho Cuon

Pho Cuon is a mixture of Pho and Cuon ingredients that is rolled like a spring roll. The beef is fried together with the Pho noodles, herbs, cucumber and lettuce. It is then wrapped in a thin rice paper.


Ganuong is grilled chicken that is tender but has crispy skin.

Pho Xao

The flat pho noodle is cooked until the edges are crunchy but still soft in the middle. It is topped with fried egg and seasoned with soy sauce and chili.


It is a coffee topped with smooth sweet egg foam. A Lot of coffee drinkers love it and even though you think you don’t like coffee you will end up having a second cup of CaPheTrung.

Bo La Lot

Bo la lot is grilled betel leaf with a stuffing of beef.


Xoi is glutinous rice that is garnished with different toppings, such as eggs, chicken or shrimp. It is sprinkled with dried fried shallots on top.

Ban Cuon

Rice flour pancakes that are steamed and has a filling of minced meat and mushrooms. It is garnished with fried shallots. It is served with bean sprouts on the side and a fish sauce for dipping.

Find these dishes at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore and try them out. They are not only popular and delicious, but they are all very good for your health as well.