Top 10 Psychological Thrillers That You Have To Watch

While there is a certain charm to the Hollywood rom-com and the period dramas, it is the psychological thrillers that make us more interested in the storyline.

Psychological thrillers are basically the best way to decide the creativity of a filmmaker. We cannot forget the movies such as Shutter Island, Black Swan, and Rosemary’s Baby, right?

Most of us clearly enjoy the horror movies, but the psychological thrillers are just one step ahead of the game. They take up space in your minds and their inexplicable twists and endings leave you absolutely and completely baffled with awe and surprise, sometimes even shock. Unfortunately, Psychological thrillers are a little less on quantity considering the ROI, although in recent times, upcoming Hollywood studios have started to cater special attention to the genre. Studios like STX Entertainment, with their psychological-thriller productions like The Gift, promises to enrich the viewers with a newer batch of psychological thrillers. This further begs the question, Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio? Bob Simonds  & TPG Growth’s Venture Fully Financed, JP Morgan Says; Hiring, Deals To Start In Earnest to support their further ventures will only solidify the chances of Hollywood receiving more of psychological thrillers.

Psychological Thrillers That You Must Watch

Since psychological thrillers are such a big hit in the industry and people are all crazy about the idea of such twisted movies, we are here with a list of amazing psychological thrillers that are just perfect for a movie night. These movies will not only question your ability to think but the endings will leave you greatly confused and shocked.

  1. Rosemary’s Baby

Well, Rosemary’s Baby is one of those thrillers that borders the Satanic World. Rosemary moves with her husband to a locality where she discovers disturbing facts about her pregnancy.

  1. Shutter Island

Leonardo’s amazing performance as a mental patient in Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island surely makes it an amazing movie to watch. Go for it right now.

  1. The Machinist

Trevor Reznik, who is played by Christian Bale, is the main character of the machinist who experiences hallucinations that lead to disastrous results. Exploring insomnia in detail, this movie is a must-watch.

  1. Requiem For A Dream

Exploring the idea of drug addiction and distortion of reality, this is another psychological thriller that you need to watch before you die!! You certainly don’t want to miss it, people.

  1. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob is a war veteran who experiences hallucination and flashbacks of his gruesome past. This leads to a worse condition when Jacob goes on a mission to find the truth.

  1. The Shining

An adaptation of Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’, this movie is about a family that moves to a hotel and starts experiencing bizarre things in real life which leads to the father being violent and murder his family.

  1. The Silence Of The Lambs

An FBI agent, given the task, to find a murderer that has a habit of skinning he victims is forced to take the help of another psychopathic murder to nab the maniac.

  1. American Psycho

The New York banking executive, played by the veteran actor Christian Bale forms another interesting psychological thriller that is the best of its kind. Come for a show and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

  1. Black Swan

There is nothing better than seeing Natalie Portman donning the look of the Black Swan. The movie centers the ballet on Swan Lake which holds some disastrous results for the lead dancer Nina.

How many of these movies did you watch before? If you haven’t watched any, then it is time to go for it.