Tips To Start the Business of Beef Jerky

You know how to make tasty beef jerky; you are doing it for long. Maybe your grandma has told you this recipe. You have made it at different occasions and your neighbors and friends love its taste. Now if you wish to make money by making beef jerky, you can try selling it at the local farmers market. This process is not difficult if you are aware of a couple of things. Moreover Organic Beef Jerky is in great demand.

In the beginning you may find it difficult to start the business of beef jerky, but if you know a couple of things the entire process will become a lot easier for you. Here are a couple of things to consider.

Business of Beef Jerky

Government Inspection

If you have ventured into the business of beef jerky for the purpose of selling, then you are supposed to have a production facility which is inspected on a regular basis by the state authority. In case you are willing to market your produce out of your state, then you need a federal inspection otherwise for the purpose of selling it in the same state, only the state inspection will serve the purpose.

Do not think that this is a challenge to maintain the regular inspection. An inspector will visit your production facility every day to ensure that everything is going according to the specifications.

Although, there are many small business owners who make beef jerky in their kitchen and sell it wherever they can. They do not care for any rules and regulations neither of the State Department bother about them and search for these violators. They come in trouble when consumers get sick or they file complaints regarding the beef jerky they have consumed.


Most consumers like to stay away from preservatives or artificial flavors because they want to go for Organic Beef Jerky. Sodium nitrate is one such common preservative, this is used extensively in making beef jerky. There are several studies which have established the link between the preservatives and cancer and other health complications.


If you think you can do all the hard work, then there is no need to make your partner because whatever you are doing now will pay you for your entire life. If you have a partner, then one day he may become your business rival. That is why it is not advised to have a partner in this small business.You and your spouse or any other family member can do this. Another best thing is that your spouse doesn’t have to go for a job, you both can work together.

Private Labeling

You can also search for an inspected and approved meat processing facility and place the order to make beef jerky for you. You can give your recipe and they can also use their recipe for variety. After finishing the production, they will put your label on the packets. Sometimes you may face a problem that the jerky will not come out with the same flavor and consistency as you have ordered. That is why it is advised to prepare jerky in your kitchen.