Tips to Make Sure You Stick to the Plan after Weight Loss Surgery

When someone has gone through one of the many bariatric procedures, they often feel like the hard part is over. In reality, however, they have only just started. Weight loss surgery is becoming increasingly popular the world over, and particularly in this country. The surgery is designed to give people long term help for their health and wellbeing. However, it also required a significant commitment from the patient, who must change their diet and exercise regime. Only by remaining committed will people be able to lose the weight they should lose, and keep it off at the same time. Additionally, this commitment is needed to make sure they reduce the risk of complications.


Very often, once people have had weight loss surgery, they put weight back on at a later stage. That is because they eventually return to their poor lifestyle habits. Bariatric procedures should always be seen as investments in a healthier, happier you. It is important to protect that investment and get the most out of it. Below are three tips to make sure you can achieve that.

Tip 1 – Join Online Support Forums

It can be very difficult in today’s world to remain motivated, not in the least because you are confronted with fast food and processed food products every time. It is very difficult to resist that much temptation, so you need to be able to draw support, information, advice, and comfort from people who truly understand. This can be achieved by joining online support forums, where you can make friend with likeminded individuals, supporting each other through the tougher times.

Tip 2 – Consider a Personal Trainer

Once upon a time, personal trainers were only affordable for the rich and famous, but this has now changed dramatically. While it will still cost you a lot to get a personal trainer into your own home to provide you with training several times a week, you can also simply join a gym and have one of their personal trainers write a plan for you. These trainers will then also make sure you stick to your routine, changing it every once in a while to keep it relevant and interesting. This is key to inspiration and motivation.

Tip 3 – Consider a Personal Dietician

This is perhaps the most expensive of the three tips, but one that is no less important. Many people who have bariatric surgery become malnourished because they do not eat the right things. With the help of a dietician, you can decrease and increase your calories as and when needed, while at the same time making sure you consumer all your essential vitamins and minerals.

In various studies, it has been demonstrated that diet is the vital thing when it comes to losing and maintaining weight. To eat right, however, you must follow your surgeon’s instructions for at least five weeks, after which you will have to commit to a true lifestyle change. It is hard work, but absolutely worth it.