Tips To Lead A Happy Sex Life

Men feel insecure about penis size and sex. Man gets confidence when they find their penis erecting and last longer. The moment the erection or the longevity is not happening disturbs them. They feel lost and start purchasing viagra from It is good to use Viagra to have a long-lasting sexual pleasure. But, is also essential to know some tips to feel great on the bed. Yes, one must understand the ways to stimulate an erection.

Tips To Lead A Happy Sex Life

Belly Size

Do not think that you are unfit for sex when you grow a bigger belly size. However, it is good to perform the exercise to reduce the belly. But do you know, the more prominent belly will allow the orgasm to last longer than a flatter one. Men penis size does nature for sex and also the belly size. So you can buy Viagra from to make the blood flow to the penis and make it longer. But, you can even eat healthy food to have a plump belly to have better sex. Yes, bigger belly has more estrogen hormone that helps in lasting the orgasm. It is the female sex hormone assisting the men to have extended pleasure.

Adult Circumcision

Circumcision is no longer considered dangerous among the adult community. It helps in holding ejaculation for a long time. Therefore men can enjoy sex after they undergo the circumcision in their older age. Premature ejaculation problem can be rectified, and hence one can have more pleasure than before.


It is wrong notion that exercise will reduce weight and the only overweight individual is expected to perform the task. But the fact is when you do exercise your muscles get tightened. The pelvic floor exercise will tighten the abdomen, thighs and the press. This will lead to smooth blood flow. Also, the penis can stand erect for a long time before ejaculation. Thus, offering a happy feeling at the end of the intercourse.


Consume a vegetarian light diet. Stay away from dense, fatty substances, in vegetarian food, and the junk food. The menu will not allow a quick digestion. You will feel heavy and cannot succeed in erection. Also when you take Viagra pills, then it will take time to act on your body. This will make you feel disappointed. But it is not the tablet’s mistake, but your food habits caused the problem. Therefore eat the right food and reap the benefits offered by Viagra pill in resolving your erectile dysfunction.