Throwing a Next-Level Kids Party in New York City


New York City is a busy, stressful place — in fact, studies prove that we deal with a little bit more stress than do people in many other places. So when it’s time to plan your kid’s birthday party, you’d be forgiven for wanting to phone it in a little. You’re always running around and working hard, so why can’t your kid just be content with a pizza party?


Except this is New York City. This is a the big, tough city — a crucible of greatness. And like any red-blooded New Yorker, you are not about to accept anything less than the best. You are going to throw a kids party that they’ll be talking about for years.


You can do this. In fact, you can even do it without losing your sanity. But if you’re going to pull it off, you’re going to want to spend a few minutes reading through these tips. Here are a few things to try as you plan your kid’s unforgettable New York City birthday party.


Head out on the town


Your apartment is nice, don’t get us wrong. But seeing as space is at such a premium here in New York City, there’s a good change that having a bunch of kids running around your apartment is going to feel a little stressful. So rather that coop everyone up in there, why not head to one of our big city’s big open places? A birthday party in the park is a classic New York City choice, and you can also check out ball games, museums, and more. It’s all at your fingertips here in the capital of the world, so why not make use of it?


Rent serious party installations


If you’ve got a the space in the park or elsewhere, one option for taking your kid’s party to the next level is to get your hands on bounce castles, dunk tanks, and other superlative party installations.


As a super parent, you’ll have no trouble tracking down reliable bounce house rentals nyc. And since you’re renting, everything is pretty convenient — at the end of the day, the big bounce house goes back with the rental company instead taking up all of the space in your New York City apartment.


Enlist your most valuable consultant


Parents have a bad habit of getting competitive. As you picture the ideal birthday party for your kid, you may well be thinking about some other party that another parent threw for your child’s friend and pour all your energy into upstaging it.


It’s important to remember that kids don’t always love the same stuff that parents do, and sometimes the stuff that looks the most impressive is not what kids remember. If you really want to throw a next-level party, you need to get items that appeal to children, not the parents.


If you’re unsure what theme your child wants for the party, it may be best to enlist their help. You should manage expectations, of course, but with a little more listening before you plan, you could get some great tips from your most trusted advisor.