The unknown effects of drought Ketamine

Since last year, many consumers Ketamine around the world began to complain that this substance was scarce, it was not so easily and that it was becoming increasingly expensive.

Of course people began to wonder why. In an article in the Mixmag magazine, journalist Mike Power raised the theory that a legislative change in India, the largest global producer of the drug, was to blame for the drought.

In the Indian states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat there are numerous companies that produce Ketamine legally for the veterinary market, but there were a lot of small producers outlaw working for the illegal trade in this substance.

In December 2013, due to international pressure, the Indian government changed the legal effect of the drug, putting more control in their production and sale. Until then anyone could go to a pharmacy and buy the product India quietly. Since then it’s over.

a raid among illegal producers was also performed and more than a ton of “illegal” Ketamine seized.

drought Ketamine

Nothing has been the same since.

The shortage of a product that has a loyal market soon cause it to start selling things on the street that were said Ketamine, but they were not really.

Speaking more than Spain, soon adulterated batches were detected. Instead of Ketamine in our country other similar substances are sold, the most common being the METHOXETAMINE. “We months sensing that there was a foreign substance sold as ketamine in Barcelona” Energy Control Calzada de Nuria says. “But we could not identify exactly what it was, because it was a particularly rare substance. In fact, until he did not alert the UK warning that they had discovered that they had reached the conclusion that it was deschloroketamine, we could identify it. it is the first time that is this substance in Europe. by chromatography we found that the substance was that we could not identify it. “

The descloroketamina is an analogous substance in 1966 patented ketamine and used for the treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal infections or as immunomodulators. “In England have had to make a nuclear magnetic resonance to detect what it was,” said Nuria.

In fact, it is quite difficult to find data on the Internet on this substance, much less in Spanish. There’s the problem here. What are the real effects of this substance?

“For some time, we were getting complaints from people who told us they had been strangers to take Ketamine effects. Things that had never happened before. For example a girl told us that he had suffered some gaps quite important memory after taking it we now know that is descloroketamina. “

“There are no references on this matter. We do not know what could be the consequences for health,” warns on its Web Energy Control. “This substance has been detected in many samples sold as ketamine in the city of Barcelona. It is likely that the distribution is widespread. It should avoid eating descloroketamina, at least until more is known about its effects on health “it concludes the statement.