The Significance of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Recovering from addiction problem means that you are ready to take a new chapter of your life and leave the horrible past behind. You are ready to start building your life back and take a new, healthier lifestyle.

addiction-treatmentA lot of rehab centers in Chiang Mai Thailand require a patient to abstain their selves from using mood-altering substances during the treatment period. One of the major focuses of rehab centers is to teach patients self-care techniques after the recovery program. That is why addiction treatment often includes physical activities to bolster the effects of recovery. Regular and health exercise is one of the techniques taught when a patient is ready to return to daily life. It is important factor for physical fitness, maintaining good health, and keeping one’self sober. There are a lot of studies that back up this claim.

So how is an exercise crucial during the recovery period?

  • Improves brain health

Long-term drug or alcohol addiction has a negative effect on the brain’s white matter, thus changes the brain’s function.  A study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder shows that performing regular exercise helps safeguard the brain against the damages brought about by addiction.

  • Reduces Urge to Seek Out Drugs and Alcohol

A vigorous physical activity has been proven to provide a natural high by producing the same endorphins and endocannabinoids that give a feeling of euphoria. A study also reported that exercise reduces brain levels of protein that is linked to drug cravings.

  • Reduces the risk of depression

One of the most common reasons why people resort to mood-altering substances is because of depression. Surely, there are certain medications given to fight off depression, but it is not enough to establish a meaningful recovery. Exercising for 30 minutes can increase your level of endorphins, which is crucial for reducing the feeling of depression.

  • Heals your body and mind

Regular exercise can produce new nerve connections in the brain, which is beneficial in the recovery from the effects brought about by substance abuse. It also reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

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