The Luggage Of A Man’s Holidays

So the time you have been waiting for a year has finally come. You’ve are finally on a vacation mood  and the destination is finally chosen. Whether it’s a few days or a couple of weeks to a hot destination, DO NOT leave your base without  putting these important thing in your luggage:

Shirts and T-shirts

Do not leave the city without taking at least one cotton shirt in white or other soft colors you prefer. Forget the shirts with stripes and the dark colored ones, your vacation should be full of comfort and colors that calm you.  You can prefer the SuMisura choices for a nice shirt.

T-shirts and polo shirts are life-saving they are suitable for any occasion. The wisest thing is to take with you as much as you can. They can be combined with everything and you can wear them from the time you wake up and having your breakfast and coffee till late at night while you enjoy your drink.

Luggage Of A Man’s Holidays


One or even two pairs of  jeans are the first think you have to think of when you have to decide which trousers you need to take with you. They are suitable with everything and they will make your vacation time easier. However you need to be careful of choosing the correct color of your jeans trousers. If you prefer to have two pairs of jeans in your suitcase, make sure to take dark blue ones for wearing them in a night walk  and your favorite outfit that you can wear everywhere during the day. Do not take two same colored jeans even though you like to wear them during the year.


If your destination is an exotic island or somewhere hot, do not forget to take the most important outfit, your swimsuit. It’s even better to take two to three swimsuits with you. They do not take a lot of space in your suitcase and you do not need to wash them and choosing another one. You need to have more choices depending on your mood or any other circumstances.


 Your first choice when it’s about shoes is a pair of modern sports one that you will need almost everywhere. If you are planning to visit the beach in your vacation then prefer a pair of designer flip flops or sandals. You should also take a pair of loafers for your walk at night and choose a brown colored one if possible.

Treatment products

You have to take care of your skin either it is your vacation is to an exotic destination or not. If you are planning to spend a lot of time at the beach, you should buy a sunscreen product for the face and one for the body. A good moisturizer is also helpful for everybody. Do not forget to take the styling products you usually use.


A brown or black leather belt is all you need. Vacation means relaxation and you should follow that rule to your dress code too. Remember, in the summer we can take a break from everything, but never from being stylish. You should take care of the right packaging of the suitcase so that everything can fit inside, without getting dirty or wrinkled.

You may use a classic and favorite packing system that you have been using for all these years . If this is your first time of packaging, you should gather everything you’re about to get, fold them up on the bed, make sure that they can fit in your suitcase and .. start!