The Cost Estimation According To The Technique In Hair Transplantation

The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur (India) is considered to be one of the best selective options as the City is blessed with the expert Surgeon & Doctors. The cost putting the way for the hair transplant procedure in the Jaipur, particularly based on the number of grafts. The per graft cost in India ranges between the Rs.25-30 INR/.

The cost of hair transplant couldn’t be put in a straight way as it depends on the number of factors involved it. The cost of the procedure may vary from the patient to patient and every patient has their own characteristics and condition of the hair and hair loss grade, which enforces the surgeon to choose the particular technique to harvest the grafts and cost accordingly. The cost of the hair restoration procedure in India is just one-fourth of the cost of the procedure, which is applicable in the Western world countries like the USA, UK and Europe.

Technique In Hair Transplantation

How Technique of the Restoration Procedure affects the Cost

The technique selection in the hair transplant procedure is one of the selective decisions in the hair transplant procedure made by the hair transplant Surgeon. The two acceptable techniques in the hair restoration are the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. The FUT is a gold standard technique in which Surgeon excises the strip to collect the hair grafts and make the donor area close after getting the strip with the Trichophytic closure to avoid the scars if any. The FUT has the strength to offer the number of grafts, which has a long lasting effect as the roots are targeted from the DHT-resistant areas usually from the back and sides of the scalp.

As far as cost is concerned, the FUT has a modest cost in the world of hair transplantation, whereas the FUE charges high even after the less sustainable and a smaller number of hair grafts. The FUE procedure involves the modern punching machines and the cost there depends on the usable modern technique, which finally decides the cost of the procedure in a higher amount and not varies because of the extracted number of the grafts for the implantation process. It is practically observed that the outcomes of the FUE procedure receive in a lesser number of grafts due to the random punching and the quality of hair roots are also less sustainable as it extracted from the unsafe areas of the scalp are DHT prone causes the less sustainable hair roots.

The other factors which influence the cost of the hair transplant is jotted down below:

A Grade of Baldness

The grade of baldness that presents the particular areas to be covered with the hair follicle decides the cost of the procedure. As much as your grade will increase the cost of the procedure varies accordingly. To cover the particular area with hair follicles puts the cost, according to the usable number of grafts to cover the no hair zone of the scalp. The famous Dermatologist Dr O’Tar Norwood described the baldness grade classification into 7 categories that describe the area of no hair zone needs a particular number to offer the aesthetic output of the procedure.

The needed Number of Grafts

As much as you need the graft to cover the bald portion, the cost will be estimated, which is known as one of the fairest manners to put the cost of the procedure. The per graft cost method is very popular in India, especially in the this Pink City, Jaipur (Rajasthan) as there are no chances of a misleading point to make the chaos of the procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the cost of the procedure directly related to the practiced technique in the hair transplantation apart from the other influencing factors like the grade of baldness, needed number of grafts, and the patient’s characteristics of hair as well.