Tankless Water Heater: A Great Residential Application?

When it comes to home essentials, water heater is one of the most important application. Choosing the right one for your home is a tiresome task as there are many options. Tank water heaters and tank-less water heaters are two main types that confuses people the most. Let us discuss the functionality and advantages of tankless water heater to make your job easier.

Prior to recent years, the tank water heater has been what a lot of residential and commercial buildings used to get hot water. Presently, tankless water heater has become common. A tankless water heater can instantly produce hot water without the use of a storage tank, what this means is that it produces hot water only when you need it. Some institutes have considered tankless water heaters among the best water heaters in recent years.

The tankless water heater has a simple working principle. When you open a hot water tap, water immediately flows into the unit where it will be heated either by a gas or an electrical source.

Tankless Water Heater

Nowadays, the traditional water heater is no longer preferred because of the following reasons.

  1. They lead to loss of energy.
  2. They can produce a particular amount of hot water at a go.
  3. They don’t last very long.
  4. They are not energy efficient.
  5. They are large and sometimes bulky.
  6. They cannot be used on a large scale.

Having seen the reasons why a lot of people are slowly leaving their tank water heater behind.

The obvious question now is – Will tankless water heater take the place of the tank water heater in residential buildings?

In this article, we are going to discuss some reasons why the tankless water heater is more preferred in most residential buildings.

They last very long

Most tankless water heaters are expected to last for 20 years and even more. Their parts are easily replaceable. The traditional water heater, on the other hand, can only last up to 13 years at most.

They save energy

One of the biggest matter of concern for all the households is energy consumption and electricity bill. To reduce the amount of bill, you must find as many possible ways as possible and act smart.

One problem with the tank water heater is that lots of energy is lost in the tank, on the other hand, tankless water heater is more energy efficient because they can produce more hot water without using too much energy.

They produce hot water endlessly

When it comes to continues flow of hot water, tankless works the best. The traditional water heater can only produce the amount of hot water it tank can hold, but the on-demand water heater can keep on producing water until you turn it off. If for some reason you need more hot water a good option will be to install 2 tankless water heaters and channel them to different pipes in your home.

They are portable

The tankless water heater is very easy to install and they use very little space, it can even be installed within the structure of a building. Most traditional water heaters have large tanks that take a lot of space.

From the points stated above, you will be able to conclude that a tankless water heater is suitable for residential use.