Surprising Facts & Health Benefits of Aromatic Rice

Aromatic rice is one of the important types of rice. This rice is medium-to-long grained rice. It has a nut like aroma and taste. This aromatic rice comes in different varieties such as basmati, jasmine, texmati, tulaipanji, Wehani and wild pecan rice. Among these, basmati rice is the well known aromatic rice. This rice can be used just like the conventional rice for cooking. It adds a new dimension of flavor and aroma to meals.

Aromatic rice contains surprise health benefits and facts in it. This aromatic rice is provided to people by best quality rice exporters in India.

Secrets of Aromatic Rice

Aromatic rice grains contain natural chemicals which give off a distinctive scent.

Nutrition facts – This rice is composed of carbs, with a small amount of protein and almost no fat. This rice contains 130 percent of calories, 69 % of water content, 2.4 grams of protein, and 28.7 grams of carbs.

Aromatic Rice

  • It has no sugar and fibre content.
  • It has 0.2 grams of fat; it is 0.05 % saturated 0.06 % monounsaturated and contains 0.01 grams of Omega-3 and 0.04 percent of Omega-4.
  • The starch in the carbohydrate of this rice is made up of long chains of glucose.
  • This rice won’t stick to one another while cooking

Calorie – It contains 130 calories in it. Most of the calories of this rice have both fat and protein. Brown basmati rice that has not been milled to contain more fat, protein when compared with white basmati rice

Vitamins and Minerals – Aromatic rice contains thiamine and niacin and two vitamin B which is very valuable for metabolism. A cup of basmati rice provides about 15 percent of RDA for niacin which is essential for blood circulation and digestion.

  • It also contains 6% of daily iron value
  • The Vitamin B6 of this aromatic rice helps the body’s metabolic functions and can prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Vitamin B1 in this rice ensures red blood cells healthy and helps the normal functioning of nervous system.
  • This aromatic rice also contains other vitamins includes Vitamin E anti-oxidant, vitamin k for blood clotting and iron for red blood cell maintenance

Health Benefits

Prevent Cancer cells

The basmati rice which is a variety of aromatic rice has a nutritional value and provides highest health benefits to the body. The outside of this rice is considered as healthier. It contains approximately 20% more fiber than other brown rice. This fiber content prevents the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Best for diabetes

Slowly absorbed carbohydrates of this rice produce blood glucose levels which are low and have the potential to control blood glucose levels.

Overcoming Constipation

The fiber content of aromatic rice can maintain the water level of the body in a good manner. This fiber content can help in softening stool consistency, which is easily removed and helps overcome constipation

This rice is one of the favourite foods of people. This rice is more famous among best quality rice exporters in India as it has more benefits. Hence aromatic rice has all sorts of benefits for people.