Sports Lab – Redefining Sports Medicine

These days, sports medicine has reached new heights with the likes of Sports Lab, which can be called a new generation healthcare service provider. It is here that you can avail the latest integrated assessment and treatment systems. It basically follows the latest approaches to critical areas like injury management, total body care, and performance improvement. Sports Lab has a detailed, patient-centered, and multidisciplinary approach. It provides a wide range of services under nine primary health care disciplines under one roof. It also offers a number of other services in order to support the core disciplines and other speciality services such as sports medicine and orthopaedics.

Sports Lab

Putting you first
For Sports Lab you – the patient – always come first. It is all about putting your preferences and requirements over everything else. The centres of Sports Lab are available at four locations across Sydney – the Central Business District (CBD), Drummoyne, Double Bay, and Alexandria. All these locations are pretty accessible from just about anywhere in the city. It also has a satellite office that is located at Fitness Playground in Newtown. The members of staff at Sports Lab are completely qualified in the work that they do. They also consult with each other to make sure that you get the best possible care.

The best treatment
Sports Lab always focuses on providing you with the treatment that is most relevant for your condition or ailment. Its approach is representative of a higher order of care system where the focus is on making sure that the person being treated heals completely. Most of the services provided by the organisation are covered by private health fund rebates as well as the latest Medicare Enhance Primary Care Plan. Medicare also covers some other services provided by it. However, certain terms and conditions are applicable over here and as such you need to be aware of them.

Both the clinics of Sports Lab are fitted with HICAPS. This allows you to get on the spot electronic claims as well as payment, which is provided by the concerned health funds. This helps you save a lot of time and money as well. Following are the major disciplines that are part of the integrated service provided by Sports Lab:
Deep Muscle Therapy
Exercise Physiology
Dry Needling
Sports Medicine
Dietetics & Nutrition
As has been stressed already, these treatments are capable of taking complete care of your physical needs.

Why should you choose it?
One of the first reasons as to why you should avail the services of Sports Lab is its high level of efficiency. Over here busy people such as you can get easy access to a complete range of related health services and that too all under one roof. The organisation has plenty of experience in this domain as well with 14 years of operations in this particular domain. It has also been awarded for its work in this field from the industry as well as the local community.