Sexercises That Helps In Better Sex

Exercise not only just helps you tone up your muscles and slim down, but it can also make sex so much better. If you want to improve the quality of your sex life and ramp things up in the bedroom then you definitely need to practice Sexercise; physical exercise performed to prepare the body for sexual activity and is designed to build, strengthen and tone muscles. Exercises are practiced as a part of an active lifestyle that seeks to maximize the pleasure and health benefits of regular sexual activity.

Aerobic exercises increase circulation, lowers stress and promotes rejuvenation in the body, which give you renewed energy for the bedroom. It improves the flow of blood even to the genital regions that gears you for sexual activity. Naturally being healthier and fitter will help you go a long way, however with the help of specific types of exercises you can attempt to improve your stamina, strength and flexibility in bed.


  1. Kegels or Pelvic Floor Exercises:These exercises improve the blood flow to the sexual organs and help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor in both women and men. By practicing this, you can improve your pleasure and performance during sex.
  2. Core Strengthening:Core strength is building strength in the abdomen, middle & lower back and the pelvis. These muscles are engaged in thrusting and also stabilize your body in a number of different positions. Some exercises to improve this area are abdominal crunches and leg raises.
  3. Upper Body Work:Sexual positions where you need to support yourself with your arms requires you to strengthen your upper body. Push ups, rowing machine, free weights to do bicep curls and shoulder push backs will be beneficial.
  4. Flexibility Training:Stretch your lower back, glutes, and hip flexors or do a few yoga classes which will help you loosen up the muscles and will allow you to have a more pleasurable sexual experience.
  5. Cardio Training:To improve stamina and performance in the bedroom you can walk, jog, run cycle or swim a few times a week to increase cardio fitness.

Sexercises can help you remain healthy, keep fit and help you improve your confidence, desire and performance in the bedroom. Being able to have a mutually satisfying experience with your partner leads to several benefits and contributes to relationship well-being. If you have been feeling lacklustre about sex and think you require a boost, you can ask questions online or meet a trained sex practitioner at Lybrate who will be able to address all your needs.