Pros And Cons Of Having Breast Implantation

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s physique. Its size and shape determine the beauty of a woman. A woman with firm breasts is considered beautiful and attractive. While a woman with small breasts thinks of her as unattractive and unsecured. Some reasons of saggy breasts are age, child birth and breast feeding the baby. Medical filed has advanced technologies and procedures to solve these kinds of problems. One of the most used procedures is called breast implantation. Best implants are silicon, rubber shells filled with silicone gel or saline solution which is considered safe for women. But before deciding to do breast implant, you should consult a doctor. The breast implant is not a long term solution. It is advised to remove the implants before they can leak and become harmful for the body.

Pros And Cons Of Having Breast Implantation

Getting a breast implant is a major step for a woman which is positive in many cases. In most cases, it boosts the confidence and satisfaction in women. Mostly breast implants doctors do not recommend breast implant surgeries for women under 18 but in some cases, the procedure is necessary to correct genetic chest deformities and breast asymmetry. It is also done in case of under development or injuries in women. Mastectomy after breast cancer is another reason.

 Before deciding for a breast implantation, you should discuss everything in detail with breast implants doctors. Consider all the positive and negative aspects and results of the procedure, research well about the risks involving the breast implant procedure. Mental satisfaction of the person involved is very important.

Some health risks occur after the breast implantation; many women experience pain, leakage of silicon, hardening, numbness, disfigurement and need for further surgeries to deal with these problems. In addition to all these problems, breast feed becomes difficult and it is harder to detect breast cancer. So you should tell the doctor in advance.

Apart from some medical reasons, mostly the breast implantation is done for self satisfaction and self confidence. This type of cosmetic surgery is done to add beauty and self esteem to women’s personality. This surgery requires a lot of money for the medical expenditures. After breast implantation, regular medical checkups and further implantation after some years is recommended by the doctors because they are not permanent or lifelong. These extra medical charges can be a burden on your budget.