Primal Satisfaction On Your Budget

Leaving a scratch unscratched is one of life’s worst nightmares. It festers in the mind, spikes in itchiness jolting you periodically, culminating in a bad mood or unmitigated anger. Countless millions stretch their shoulder joints and limbs in unnatural angles aiming to get their fingernails on that one sweet spot. The amount of anguish this phenomenon causes people makes it literally nature’s very own torture mechanism. Numerous solutions to combating this universal issue have been suggested and experimented with in the recent past, but the most convenient and efficient method has remained the same, ever since its inception. Yes, we are talking about the back scratcher.


This legendary mechanism has managed to stay relevant due to the simplicity and user friendliness of its design. The minimalistic concept of prongs with a handle enables users to effectively scratch hard-to-reach places with minimum effort. Most itches with varying levels of intensity can all be soothed to an extent with back scratchers. The market is flooded with several iterations of back scratchers with varying designs and features. The core functionality is constant through all the models, with slight variations in additional features and design parameters the only distinguishing factors.

In such a crowded market, with all the available models professing expertise in production and unparalleled levels of quality, choosing the right back scratcher is a daunting task. Several factors need to be taken into consideration before a choice can be made, with the correctness of this choice dependent on several internal and external factors. But the best back scratcher on the market, purely on the merit of the product, had been identified after a strenuous process of filtering and analysis. It is the Simple Back Scratcher.


Its simple functional design exudes minimalism and class, without neglecting aesthetics. It is easy on both the eye and the back, with an unparalleled scratching experience. Several user experiences as well as product reviews were documented in our search for the best back scratcher, and after comprehensive studies and countless comparisons, the Simple Back Scratcher stands heads and shoulders above its competition.

The Simple Back Scratcher contains myriad features which have wowed its users and made them die-hard fans. The most prominent among these have been listed below.

  • Portability and handiness: – The scratcher can be folded down and carried easily in your pocket wherever you go. It is made of lightweight stainless steel, which enhances the ease of travelling with the scratcher.
  • Size: – The telescopic arm extends from 6.5 to 20 inches, leaving literally every single part of the back accessible with minimal effort. The arm ensures maneuverability and a pleasurable scratching experience.
  • Durability and safety: – Only prime quality material has been used in this product, with the prongs guaranteed to withstand extended periods of vigorous scratching. The prongs have also been made blunt, facilitating spirited scratching without injury, and also minimizing chances of cloth getting caught on the prongs.