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The vaping phenomenon is taking the world by storm and a lot of cigarette smokers are also joining in the bandwagon simply because vaping is considerably safer compared to smoking cigarettes. Vaping is also a good way to help smokers get rid of their nicotine addiction. While of course, there are E Liquid For Vapes with nicotine, one can actually determine the nicotine content and gradually lessen it just by simply choosing juices that have lower nicotine levels.

Another reason why people are starting to jump on the hype of vaping is that one can actually do a lot of cool tricks which you simply cannot do when smoking a regular cigarette. While there are various reasons why people are starting to get into vaping, one thing still remains the same, you need to have a lot of vape juices, especially if you were a heavy smoker or you’re one of those people that likes to do vape tricks, which in case you need a lot of e-juices especially when starting out. Instead of heading down to your local vape shop from time to time to purchase your juice, why not just let them ship it directly to your doorstep.

Premium Vapes

Practicing your “O”s.

Probably one of the first tricks you might attempt (provided that you don’t know how to do this yet) is by forming “O” shaped smoke, and as they would say, practice makes perfect. This means that you’ll need a good amount of juices for your practice and by subscribing to Premium Vapes, you’ll be able to make sure that you have enough supply of juices for you to practice on, not to mention the wide array of flavours you can choose from.

Wide selection, easy purchase.

Premium Vapes offer a wide selection of high quality juices for you to choose from, these juices all come with varying degrees in terms of nicotine content. The choices don’t stop there though, you can choose between 3 of the available affordable subscription plans being offered starting for as low as £14.99 which includes 3 10ml bottles of juice, £19.99 for6 10mm bottles and lastly £24.99 for 9 10ml bottles respectively. As for payments, you can choose from bi-weekly or monthly depending on your budget.

Create new tricks and stop nicotine dependence

Since you can actually choose the e-liquids you are going to purchase, you can also actually choose their flavours and nicotine content and if you’re a vaper that just recently started using the gadget in the hopes that it could minimize your dependence on the substance, you could reduce the nicotine content of your juices every month until you reach the point wherein you are using a juice without nicotine and these go hand in hand with learning new vape tricks since using juices without nicotine is ideal.

Vaping requires e-juices, a lot of them, especially if you’ve just shifted from smoking cigarettes since the nicotine levels from cigarettes are fairly high and you will most likely go through bottles upon bottles of juices early on. Instead of giving yourself the inconvenience of going to the vape shop to buy your e-juice every time you finish a bottle, why not subscribe to Premium Vapes and have your juice delivered to your doorstep? With quality juices and services you can trust, Premium Vapes will make you one very satisfied customer.