Plastic Surgery in Your 20s – The Pros & Cons

If you are considering going for a plastic surgery and you are in your twenties, there are some things that you need to consider before going under the knife. In today’s highly appearance-focused world, you may think that plastic surgery is no big deal. Even though it seems like a quick way to fix an issue that may cause self-esteem issues, and the Western Surgery Centre advises that getting plastic surgery is not a decision to make make over a glass or two of rosé. You need to weigh out all the pros and cons of a plastic surgery procedure before you make your final decision. Whether you are looking to have a fuller pout à la Kylie Jenner, or you want to undergo rhinoplasty or any other procedure, there are positives and negatives that you should be fully aware of.

Plastic Surgery in Your 20s

The Pros

Youth & Recovery Time – If you do have a specific procedure that you want to get done and you have found a board-certified surgeon that has given you the green light, go for it. You also need to be emotionally and mentally prepared for the whole process. The fact that you are young and in general good health will help you to recover faster than you would have in your 30’s or 40’s. Plastic surgery is just like any other surgery in that your body is going to need time to recover. Depending on the procedure, the recovery times will inevitably vary but your youth will benefit you in most cases when it comes to recovery time.

Self-Esteem Fix – The teenage years can be very difficult for anyone who has issues with their appearance and the way they look to their peers. Kids at school can be especially cruel to those whose outward appearances don’t quite fit their own ideas of beauty. Going into your 20’s, these self-esteem issues can carry over into your life as an adult, which can lead to harmful psychological issues and emotional distress. Having surgery to address these issues can make you feel better about the way you look, it can restore your confidence and give you an overall sense of well-being that you may not have had before. Having the procedure done in your 20’s can potentially save you years of emotional distress about your appearance.

Health Fixes – If you are one of the millions of Americans who has health problems that are directly related to your appearance, then plastic surgery can be a great fix for both issues. For example, if you have a deviated septum that makes it difficult for you to breathe properly and you hate the appearance of your nose, plastic surgery can fix both issues for you.

The Cons

Unscrupulous Doctors – Every medical specialty has its unethical doctors, and plastic surgery is no different. You must be extremely wary about advertisements in popular magazines and newspapers that are selling cheap procedures overseas. If you have to get on a plane to save a few bucks on your procedure, you shouldn’t be getting it done in the first place. There are already inherent risks with having surgery, like allergic reactions to anesthesia. You don’t want to add to your risk factors.
Maintenance & Upkeep – Plastic surgery is often not a onetime deal. With many procedures, there are other surgeries that you must undergo to maintain the results from your first procedure. You need to keep in mind that there is no quick and painless fix for either plastic or health-related surgeries.  Be realistic about your projected aftercare outlook, and be prepared to have to go under the knife more than once to maintain your new look.

Lack of Support from Friends & Family – The general public won’t know that you’ve had plastic surgery but your friends, family, and co-workers will. Hopefully everyone in your family and other peer groups will support you wholeheartedly, but you do have to be prepared for those who will not be supportive at all. There may be judgments, whispering behind your back about your results, and worse yet, emotional and verbal attacks from people in your life that don’t agree with your decision. If getting the stamp of approval from your friends and family is important to you, then be aware that getting plastic surgery at such a young age may not gain support from everyone.

At the end of the day, you need to do what’s best for you.