Passive Vaping – What Is It And Should You Worry About It?

Electronic cigarettes seem to be similar to Marmite as they’re always courting controversy both among media and public alike. Though vaping electronic cigarettes are a rather new phenomenon, yet there are some people who don’t consider this as a healthy practice as they’re sceptical about anything new that enters their bodies. This also goes out to those who themselves don’t vape but who are concerned about the second-hand vapour that is released from e-cigarettes.

Unlike second-hand smoke which is released from tobacco cigarettes, second hand vape is not harmful. Since electronic cigarettes have always shared a love-hate relationship with the public and the media, there are too many myths surrounding them. In this post, these myths have been debunked and you are free to educate yourself on what second-hand vape is and whether or not it is harmful.

Passive Vaping

Passive vaping – What is it?

If you don’t know what passive vaping is, it is the act of inhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette or a vape pen which is being used by someone else who is in close proximity with you. The concern about passive vaping stemmed from the health warnings regarding the possible risks of inhaling second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes. The public got frightened at the thought of developing serious illnesses linked with tobacco and they confused this with inhaling second hand vape not realizing the differences.

In case you passively inhale vapour from someone who is vaping electronic cigarettes and is using nicotine, you will automatically inhale nicotine too. But the amount of nicotine that you inhale from someone who is vaping near you is negligible as compared to the amount that you would inhale from a tobacco smoker.

Passive vaping and several studies

Although there are continuous studies on this topic yet the studies done so far clearly indicate that passive vaping does little or no harm to your body. Moreover, the researchers took a step further to show us that passive vaping is nothing but a non-existent problem. It causes no risk to human health.

Practicing polite vaping

With that said, it has to be mentioned that passive vaping still can’t be called as healthy as inhaling clean air even though it might be better than inhaling smoke from cigarettes. If you’re a vaper, you need to understand that you might be surrounded by people who don’t prefer people vaping around them. This is when you should practice polite vaping and ask people around you whether they’re ok with people vaping around them. Avoid vaping in areas where there are too many people and make sure you comply with the rules of vaping electronic cigarettes in bars, pubs and restaurants.

Therefore, if you’ve been scared of passive vaping and it has always been a thing of concern, you may take into account the above mentioned facts on passive vaping and use e-cigs accordingly.