Most Effective Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 30 With Busy Lifestyle

Women go through lot of hormonal changes with every passing decade. This results in popular moodiness that they are famous for. It also causes abnormal weight gain, especially after marriage and children, as the focus shifts clearly to the family and kids, and with so much on plate to deal with, women tend to lose their feminine grace and turn into a ball of fat. Then starts the vicious circle of dieting, hitting gym and skipping meals in desperation to get back to that old jeans size, but finding not much difference in that figure on the weighing scale gives way to serious contemplation. What could be the reason? Let’s try to find out and fix too.


Is it PCOD? Get checked before hopping on the bicycle

It is a common observation among women over 30 trying to lose weight that their efforts do not meet much success. The reason is sometimes not in erratic lifestyle or irregular eating, but in ovaries. Yes, PCOD is polycystic ovary syndrome that interferes with menstrual cycle, causes hormonal imbalance and subsequent weight gain. So, if your weight loss efforts are not yielding much, it is better to get the hormonal profiling done and find the root cause for the weight gain. The following results will help you decide better on the weight loss plan.

Find cure for hormonal imbalances in addition to adopting a fitness and diet regimen so that you can get the desired results of the hard work that you do.

Fenugreek seeds and flax seeds – the natural solution for weight loss

Women seek for completeness by moving to the phase of motherhood, but this phase comes with excess of fluids in the body, leading to unwanted bloating, abdominal fat and irregular eating habits. Therefore, to get rid of bloating it is advisable to have fenugreek seeds powder with lukewarm water the first thing in the morning.

How to prepare and take fenugreek powder

  1. Take 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and grind it into a powder. This amount is sufficient for a week and above.
  2. Add 1 tsp of fenugreek powder in 1 glass of lukewarm water and shake it till the water absorbs the flavor and keep it aside for few minutes. Now, you can drink it after straining. It will help a lot in curing the bloating problem. Make sure that you continue this practice for at least a month for effective solution.
  3. Alternatively, you can soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight in one glass of water, then warm it in the morning and drink after straining out the fenugreek.

Flax seeds are another natural solution, in fact miracle food, for the women who want to lose weight. These seeds are rich in vitamins and super rich in fiber. So, having flaxseed flour in place of wheat based flour for bread can help in reducing hunger pangs and allows women over 30 to have nutrition rich way of losing weight.

Become more physically active – walk and play

If you are hands on mother taking care of your children without any help, then this section is certainly made for you. Busy lifestyle does not let you go for strenuous gym sessions as you may have to be around kids and manage other aspects of living too. So, walking from home to the bus boarding point, taking kids to garden, and walking there and playing with them for at least an hour daily is certainly going to reflect in your great body frame. You can join a Yoga group or walkers group and mingle with the people sailing the same boat as yours to find more solutions for losing weight.

Deskercises – A secret recipe for losing weight while working

Going to office and fulfilling the professional aims should not come in your way of keeping fit and healthy. There are certain crunches and bends that you can do using the office chair and desks in the free break during office hours to ensure that you maintain healthy posture as well as speedy metabolism. You can try exercises like bench press, half crunches and certain abdominal workouts without disturbing the office decorum and get your daily dose of exercises without squeezing time out of busy schedule.

Change in diet

Avoid carbohydrate diet after 7 pm or restrict it to at least one hour before sleeping. Instead, go for lentil soups, spinach and cabbage soups, salads with virgin olive oil dressings, etc. to get nutrition sufficient for keeping you filled for 8-10 hour break that you observe during sleeping. It helps you avoid over-eating at the breakfast table. Additionally, you must eat small portions of easily digestible food every two to three hours.

Make all these changes and see yourself in correct shape even at the other side of 30 years of life when you are loaded with responsibilities and have very hectic schedule. Also, if you think that you would like to doctor’s advice then can visit to find your nearest Phentermine Clinics.