Learn About Split Air Conditioner And Its Different Parts

Air conditioner is seen as a valuable investment during the hot summer months. Split air conditioners are widely used nowadays. They are preferred over window air conditioners in a number of ways. Before buying a split air conditioner, you must get knowledge about its parts properly.

Advantages of split air conditioner

The ease of its installation, silent operation, elegant looks, and high performance has led to its increased demand among people. One more benefit of the split AC is that you need not make a hole in your house wall. This would prevent you from destroying the beauty of your room. When it comes to appearance, you will be amazed to see the indoor component of the split AC in several different designs, color, and styles.

Split Air Conditioner And Its Different Parts

Parts of a split AC

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor component of an air conditioner contains a few significant parts such as compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. Llyod is one of the best electronic home appliances brands that provide unmatched quality devices for commercial and residential purposes. You must consider this brand when planning to buy a split AC.


The compressor works by compressing the refrigerant and increasing its pressure. Once this is done, this high-pressure refrigerant is sent to the condenser unit. Compressor size depends on the needed AC load. Normally, in domestic split ACs, you may find hermetically sealed kind of compressor units. External power is needed to be provided to the compressor unit which is then used for compressing the refrigerant.


The condenser unit is seen as the coiled copper tube with a single row or multiple rows that are based on the overall size of the compressor and the AC unit. Higher the tonnage of AC and the compressor more will be the number of rows and turns in the coil. The condenser tube is made using copper as conduction rate of heat is more. Aluminum fins are used to cover the condenser to remove the heat from the refrigerant at a fast rate.

Condenser Cooling Fan:

This fan looks like a normal fan that comprises of 3 or 4 blades. It is run by a motor. The heat produced inside the compressor is thrown out by this fan. It thus prevents the compressor from getting too hot after prolonged usage. This can even burn motor coils and cause complete collapse of the entire air conditioner.

Expansion Valve:

This valve is basically a copper made capillary tubing that has many rounds of coils. When the pressure and temperature reduce suddenly, the medium temperature and high-pressure refrigerant goes out of the condenser and enters the expansion valve.


An air-conditioner has become an essential requirement of every house. All of these parts are essential for the proper, safe, and uninterrupted working of the AC unit. To serve you for a longer time in a hassle-free manner, various brands come up with different models of ACs with new and exciting features for users. A thoughtful comparison of these units will help in selecting the best AC for your need.