Jacket Is The Must Have Item

This year’s fashion season implies, among other things, wearing jackets. Gray plaid and oversized jackets are the number one proposal, but also the most classic, well-dressed and tight jackets or tuxedo can be used in style. Classic pieces with timeless value that ensure elegant looks are constantly embraced by younger women, who slowly learn the basic rules of styling. A combination that we see this season is the tight jacket and trousers. It is worldwide known with a term: pantsuit. There is no more timeless, classic, and sometimes classy combination than this one that you can do with a trousers and a jacket. It is, perhaps, the only one accepted which you can find in working environments with dress code, it is the only one that you will see worn by women of all ages and worn on various occasions too. The best way to wear them, if you do not want to try them with matching trousers is by trying out the other must trend of the season, the suit, is with your denim trousers. The combinations you can make are many, depending on the occasion and style you want to achieve: try the business casual look for business lunches or office, in a modern casual for relaxed walks, even for going to the university if you are student.

Jacket Is The Must Have Item

The gray color is the must color of the perfect jacket but if  you do not like the gray, you can invest in the other hot color of the season, the red or the classic black, while you can wear your jackets with anything you want: your jeans, your stribede kjoler, your skirts and your sneakers too.

The suit is no longer seen only in strictly professional appointments, in women politicians, in formal circumstances. We also see it being worn with a modern way, with multiple combinations, in colors that are beyond black, beige and white. Most of the world famous female stars adopted it in their recent appearances.

So, suit up ladies! Wear the jacket and pants in your everyday life and upgrade your style. The costume is imposing, charming, exudes dynamism and prestige.

It is a sure choice if you want to be stylish. The costume flatters every woman and this year we see its lines which are embracing the body even more. A typical example of a woman who has the pantsuit as the absolute way for her appearance is Hillary Clinton who, from the beginning of her career as a politician, choses the pantsuit for all her appearances. Pantsuit however, has its own rules.

How to wear it – How to avoid mistakes:

1) Choose the right color: A pantsuit in neutral tint is always a safe choice. However, bold colors make an even more impressive look. We can see it with stripes, with intense prints, even combined with plaid.

2) A jacket that is not too narrow and seems a little bigger on you is a better choice than a jacket that is shorter and narrower and does not allow you to have a freedom when you move.

3) Pay attention to accessories: When you wear a pantsuit, you do not have to put a lot of accessories too. Jewelry should be discreet; otherwise they can ruin a stylish look.

4) Shoes: You have a lot of options about the shoes you are going to wear. You can wear it not just with high heels or loafers or boots. We also see the pantsuit even combined with sneakers and the result is very trendy and impressive.

5) For evening performances: You can wear satin pantsuit, it is a classy and sexy choice for all your evening and nights out.

The perfect ways to wear a pantsuit is with a crop top, with shirt, with a T-Shirt and with a statement coat.

There are also other ways to wear your jackets this year without feeling that your look is boring.

– Wear your plaid jacket with a mini leather skirt and high boots for an unforgettable sexy look.

– Try a wide jacket with paddles, and match it with a mini skirt, t-shirt and white ankle boots and you’ll be in fashion!

– A black classic jacket is ideally suited to a shirt and jeans trousers and black high heels.

-This jacket becomes … dress and gives you very stylish looks. Wear it with red boots!

– Wear your black classic jacket with white t-shirt and tight plaid pants.

– Wear it in black suit with white sneakers for a business look very stylish and different!

– Wear it with a belt in the middle which is an unusual version that will give you a special style.

 – Wear a wide jacket with a long dress and you will have a stunning look.