It’s Important to Regularly Test Your Hearing – Here’s Why

When was the last time you had a hearing test? Can’t remember huh? Would it surprise you that the last time for many people would be while they were still in school? People have no problem getting their eyesight checked bi annually, or visiting the dentist for check ups every 6 months, but aren’t as quick to have their hearing checked. Why is this?

A Gradual Decline:

With eyesight, degradation is something you can actually see (pardon the pun). But you can notice that your eyesight is failing. Your glasses aren’t as effective as they were, and everything is a little softer around the edges. So you’ll know to get your eyes done. But with your hearing, things can be a little more gradual, a little harder to notice. Suddenly, asking somebody to repeat themselves multiple times has become the norm – you just don’t notice it has happened. Or the volume on the TV has started to get pushed up from it’s usual setting, or maybe music though your headphones is no longer as loud to you as it once was. So what do we do? We turn it up further. Which further confounds the matter.

The Signs of Damage:

If you have noticed that people conversing sounds muffled, that you need to turn the volume up on devices that is at a level that is uncomfortable to others, or that you have to get people to repeat themselves then it is important to get a regular hearing test, as it is likely that your hearing has started to degrade. Professionals can advise you as to the measures you can take to slow and prevent further damage, as well as provide options to you, as to how to restore some of this hearing loss. This will most likely mean you will require hearing aids.

Hearing Aids – No Longer Huge Devices:

Those massive, kidney bean shaped hearing aids that you may have seen in the past are no longer a feature when it comes to devices that can assist you with your hearing loss. The sleek devices of today come in a range of sizes and features, from in ear aids, which are almost indecipherable to the eye, to small sleek over the ear models, which are quite demure. Of course, they also come in a range of different prices too, with the smaller models, the more desirable but also the more costly. But regardless of price, the hearing aids will mostly work in the same way, and have similar features.


Hearing loss genuinely is a major problem in today’s world. And many people are not even aware that their hearing is being affected day to day. Even during a simple commute to work, your hearing can be affected in a number of ways, from traffic noise to the music coming though your headphones. This is why; having regular checks done on your hearing is a sensible and responsible thing to do, to ensure your continued aural health.