Is It Really Safe To Take Aesthetic Treatments From High Street Retailers?

Owing to recent developments in the cosmetic world where certain makeup brands have started offering aesthetic treatments, concern has been raised about the legitimacy of all high street retailers.

For aesthetic practitioners, it is recommended that they update their cosmetic courses training to assure their clients of the high quality of the treatments they offer. For the clients, it is recommended that they consider the below-mentioned screening process:

Things to consider before you choose your aesthetic practitioner

There are a few matters that when questioned can offer an insight into the skimming process required to find a well-qualified practitioner. Some of those are as follows:

cosmetic courses

●       Is my aesthetic practitioner medically qualified and currently registered according to the state and medical board rules?

To grow and prosper, the aesthetic industry has begun to display its qualified and registered practitioners to the public to assure them. This is under process so you can always opt the alternative which is looking the doctors and nurses by yourself to see if their registration and licence is all set. You also have the legal right to ask the practitioner about their qualification and also the institute from where they got their training. We would recommend you to get your treatment done even if it is as small as an injection done by a licensed practitioner to ensure your safety.

●       The hygiene of the clinic should not be compromised upon

When you go for the consultation or getting an appointment you can look around and see if you get a clinical feel from the place. Also, if it is clean and everything is stored where it should be can be great pointers.

●       Requirement of consultation

Consultations hold a very high importance in the field of aesthetic treatments. It is very important to have a one on one meeting with your practitioner so they can resolve all your queries and subside your fears produced by misinformation. You can ask questions and your practitioner can understand the aspects of treatment they have to provide beforehand. You can also ask for some time before you book an appointment to get your treatment which is quite helpful.

●       Do they have a good record for the treatments they have offered previously?

Before contacting the practitioner, you can ask around about them and find models of their work from either their website or the social media. Good practitioners who have done quality work always like to display it especially if they have done treatments on models, actresses or even socialites. This information of real-life achievements can help you decide if you want to work with them. You can also get in touch with the previous clients and ask them about their experience and if it was worth to give out recommendations of the said practitioner.

●       What products are used by them?

Visit them and ask them about the products used by them. Inquire about the longevity of the product’s treatment. Do your own research about them and read reviews for your won assurance. You can also ask for the examples of the treatments done by them using their standard products. You can always customize your treatment if you are not satisfied by the products used by them.

The importance of staying informed and up to date

It is important that you do your own research and read reviews about the upcoming products being introduced to the market. Contacting previous clients of your desired practitioner will get you unbiased and direct information. It will help you benefit from another client’s experience.

The status of the aesthetic industry

For a few past decades, aesthetic treatments have been continuously growing popular. It has been a tough journey from being considered a social stigma to finally being accepted. Now that the professional cosmetic clinics are up against a major high street chain, it is high time that a strategy is made. This will ensure that the long struggle does not go to waste and aesthetic treatments are not trivialized to just beauty maintenance regimes.

What should be your stance as a clinic which has been offering treatments for a while but now is threatened by Superdrug?

High street clinics are at the forefront of the offering aesthetic treatments in the industry. Hence, the sudden threat that has emerged in the form of Superdrug offering Botox and dermal filler treatments is understandable. Let us not forget that threat in the form of competition is actually a chance of innovation, revaluation and improving the market for the clients. Of course, this stance won’t resolve all your fears but it’s a start.

Should you fear the competition Superdrug aesthetic treatments have brought with their brand?

A competitor charging less for the exactly same treatment and better standards is something to worry about.  But what you need to understand is that not all aesthetic clinics are offering the exact same product. Everyone’s target at high street should be to focus on their differences and make them unique in their own way by building on them. Even belonging to the same niche, it is important that the focus remains on the unique aspects of the treatments that you want to offer and build your clientele on those bases. Do not worry about charging less but rather on renovating your services to attract customers to better qualitytreatment than your competitors.

The positive side

Besides that, faith must be kept in the ever-growing industry of aesthetic treatments by focusing on the bright side. Being a prominent brand, Superdrug will most probably take its standard seriously when it comes to offering aesthetic treatments on the high street especially considering the fact that this is their first step into the aesthetic field. Also, this is a positive sign of the robust growth the market is making yearly. The stepping in of a brand as big as Superdrug shows and exudes the confidence investors have in the field of professional cosmetic clinics. Hence, overall it means growth of the aesthetic sector and eventually more patients as well.