Improvements Made On Drug Abuse Treatment In Canada

Canada being one of the countries that have registered big success in the fight against drug abuse and addiction has made several changes in the process. Just like many other developed countries around the world, there are millions of people in Canada who are affected by the drug menace. It is as a result of this that the government came up with ways to cut on the drug menace in the country. To produce the best results, the government had to bring some improvements that were aimed at bettering the fight against drug addiction. The improvements made include:

Better training curriculum

As an attempt to better drug abuse treatment in Canada, the government has improved a training curriculum for training drug addiction therapists. From the old curriculum that they had been using, Canada adopted a patient oriented curriculum that was targeted to providing patients with a personalized treatment method. This helped a lot in healing the patient regardless of the level of addiction that they were in. The curriculum also included new drugs in the market and inhalants addiction. There are many people not only in Canada but also around the world who are getting addicted with inhalants and other substances. Such people can now find the right treatment from the centers.

Drug Abuse Treatment In Canada

Increasing the number of personnel

Another challenge that hampered the fight against drug addiction in Canada is lack of adequate personnel to handle the growing number of addicts. As result, the government in Canada developed a way of correcting this by increasing the number of training institutions around the country. This enabled Canada to produce a large number of drug abuse therapists. The therapists were then taken to the newly opened centers so that they can serve the general public. Today, you will notice that Canada has a high ratio of drug abuse therapists compared to other countries.

Increased funding

The Canadian treasury increased funding for drug abuse treatment. This has gone a long way in ensuring success for the campaign against drug abuse. This money is used in providing medications, doing campaigns as well as providing funds for the drug addiction recovery centers in Canada. With time, the country is able to reduce the number of people abusing drugs and thus, the demand for funds has actually been reducing. In the future, the country is headed to the right direction.

Good treatment programs

Canadian government made improvements on addiction programs that it uses in the treatment of addicts. The new programs focus on the needs of the patient as opposed to the laid out regulations. This is because different addicts have different needs when it comes to the treatment of addiction. You may find that they have taken different types of drugs; the patients have different health status and require different treatments.