Importance of Fitness – How exercise helps

It is a known fact that exercise goes a long way in helping people living healthy and long lives. The fact is that it is far easier to make the resolution to get fit than to implement it. It takes discipline and a change in habits to achieve health and fitness goals.

Why good health is important?

The human body is clearly designed for activity but due to all the changes brought about by industrialization, technology, eating habits and job requirements, many people lead very sedentary lives. Such changes have led to a lot of serious health issues like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, etc. Quite a few have been termed lifestyle diseases and can be reversed with regular exercise and change is diet.

Regular physical activity, good eating habits, giving up risky behavior and getting regular checkups are important as they provide great health benefits. It is well known and research has proven that regular physical activity and improved fitness result in a dramatic drop in many diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle.


  • Diseases like cancer and Type 2 diabetes can be staved off with regular physical activity while building stronger bones and increasing muscle mass.
  • Doctors and nutritionists recommend that people eat a well rounded diet with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and lean meats. Research and statistics have conclusively proven that the major causes of morbidity and eventually mortality are all caused by poor dietary habits. What people can achieve with a well rounded diet is to get necessary nutrients and minerals without excessive calories.
  • Going to the doctor for regular checkups and also the dentist for a cleaning can stave off a lot of health issues in the early stages. Routine checks are used to screen patients for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure issues and other potential health issues. There are a list of recommended tests and screens which a doctor will inform patients about and help them to stay healthy and active.
  • Working to stay healthy and fit by undertaking physical activity based on one’s ability and interests helps people have improved mental health. Physical activity has been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Overall, health costs are rising and the burden is being passed along to consumers and putting health insurance out of reach for a large segment of the population.

“A Calorie is a calorie” is a dietary slogan; however control in the calorie intake makes people healthy. Not over eating is indeed a important health measure. Everything has to be in control. People may think they can have high calories a day and no calories another day. But it really affects health in a bad way. A perfect intake of calories and maintaining the diet leads to live long live and that is healthy long life. These guidelines have changed over years, now it’s become more accurate to know what we should eat to retain optimal health and weight. Working to stay healthy and fit will definitely lower health costs across the board.