How Toxins, Age, Gender, Obesity and Genetics Contribute in Cellulite?

Cellulite affects nearly 80% females on planet earth, no matter fit or slender. There is lot of myth about its causes, treatment and reasons. So before scheduling a treatment, spending lots on over the counter items, and then blaming, read the real story behind this problem and plan your future treatments accordingly.

Toxins in your Body Causes Cellulite

Most over the counter creams have claims on their package that removing toxins and impurities from body can help to rid cellulite, however they forget to back this up with science. Instead, cellulite occurs because of underlying fat start to push from layers of collagen fibers and connective tissues beneath your skin, usually thighs and buttocks, arms, belly and the like. These tissues become weakened by lack of exercises, muscle tone, excessive fat, hormones, and poor blood circulation. However toxins have little to no contribution to cellulite.

Cellulite is More Common in Women

Females tend to store more fat around thighs and hips as they have less supportive connective tissues. However around 10% of men also suffer from cellulite who never seeks for treatment because of less worries for their look and feel.

Age Can Worsen the Cellulite

Hormones also contribute in cellulite formation. With age, estrogen production is lowered in female bodies. Estrogen is hormone that helps blood flowing smoothly in vessels. Lesser estrogen means poor circulation that may decrease new production of collagen and therefore breakdown older connective tissues

Cellulite is Genetic

Cellulite runs in families. If a mother or grandmother had it, you might be prone to it. Indeed, there is even a genetic test that helps you to check this out. However, most if not all women faces cellulite in their life, and as well the time it appear is also known, genetic isn’t the worth of hefty price tag. If you are not fortunate one who have smooth skin relatives, don’t be sad, genetics is just a small part of cellulite issue, diet, exercising, and other health issues are there to make major ones see more review truth about cellulite here.

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Cellulite only affects Obese People

Obesity just makes its appearance worst or more noticeable, but it isn’t the cause of cellulite production. Obviously the more fat you have under your skin, the more it will put stress on the connective tissues to bulge it out at weaker spots. However cellulite occurs in women of all sizes and shapes. Even Victoria’s secret models were reported to have similar treatments.