How to Treat Legionella Positive Water

To avoid the adverse effects of contracting a Legionella-related disease, it is advisable to test your water systems regularly. Aquacert gives you a hassle-free test at an affordable rate and even provides you with a certification at the end of it. Just collect water samples in the sterile bottles provided, place it in the bag and ring us to collect the same. Once we conduct our tests, we will get in touch by phone to give you the results.  In case it tests positive, don’t worry, getting rid of legionella can be a simple process. We can suggest a range of solutions for you to choose from. Some of the common methods are listed here:

Treat Legionella Positive Water

Chlorine – Chlorine belongs to a small group of biocides that are allowed to be used in drinking water. It is used in very small doses so that harmful bacteria are killed and it is harmless to humans. Chlorine is often used in hospitals and care homes to disinfect the water. Those in charge of these facilities need to conduct frequent legionella tests as the people who visit are at high risk of contracting legionella-related illnesses.

Bleach – There are a variety of bleaches available, the one that we are most familiar with is the concoction that is used to bleach our clothes. However, this is not the type that we need to use for legionella as consumption of it is harmful. Specialists will able to identify the best the type to use and the dosage required. This often depends on the type of water system that is in place.

Heat – This option works well for hot water systems. It is a simple method of raising the temperature above 65 degrees Celsius which kills Legionella.

UV light is another method that is used to kill legionella. But this often requires the use of a chemical disinfectant in conjunction with it to be more effective.

If you are not familiar with the treatment of Legionella-positive water, you should get in touch with experts for the same. For Legionella testing Kits UK – No.1 Trusted Provider – Aquacert is your go-to option. With over 20 years in the field, we know the safest solutions for dealing with a Legionella-positive result and are happy to guide. To make sure treatment is effective, we conduct additional tests to identify the specific strain of legionella present in your water system.