How to Shrink Pores the Natural Way

It is normal to feel self-conscious about your pores when it seems everyone is so perfect. With technology, use of Instagram filters and Photoshop makes everyone look perfect. As such, these airbrushed photos will give you the urge to shrink pores to have perfect skin. However, is it possible?

Shrink Pores the Natural Way

Before looking into shrinking of pores, it is important to introduce some terms:

These are the small openings on your skin. They are found all over your skin. The pores have a gland known as the sebaceous gland that produces sebum. Essentially, Sebum is oil present in the skin that can show on its surface. When you have a shiny skin, you have excess sebum. Nonetheless, if you have dry skin, you have less

It is imperative to note that an excess of sebum may lead to blockage of your pores and this may cause trapping of debris and bacteria leading to acne. Theoretically, a pore is also a hair follicle. Every pore contains these follicles. There are those areas in your body that look smooth and hairless. However, when closely examined, all your pores contain these hair follicles. Your skin also has sweat pores.

Why pores normally appear big
Naturally, pores are noticeable. Large have oily skin. When the pores are filled with debris or oil, they appear more salient.

For some, slowing down of sebum production leads to shrinkage of pores. However, there are those whose pores remain noticeable even after they clear up. Nonetheless, very few have always had flawless skin.

How to shrink pores
It is imperative to note that you can never shrink your pores. If you have skin that is not elastic, it is important to point out that even laser treatment will not change the appearance of your pores. Nonetheless, there are ways you can use to reduce your pores so that they are less salient.

Using a pore minimize to shrink pores
This is a facial cleanser. These minimizers are different as their ingredients are used to help clear problematic pores. A popular ingredient is activated charcoal. You can find it in the form of a mask, a bar, or a powder used to create a cleanser using some liquid. This ingredient is affordable, and that is why it is a favorite among many. You can use olive oil to create a mask or use water to wash your face.

Another common ingredient is salicylic or glycolic acid in low concentration. These are the ingredients found in chemical peels. Alzelaic acid is used to reduce bacterial growth as well as inflammations. BHA and AHA are used in mild concentrations as cleansers. Willow bark is an ingredient providing antioxidant properties. Essentially, it is used to stop growth bacteria and improve blood flow to the skin.

Using toner and primer to shrink your pores
Primer and toner are very efficient in minimizing the size of their pores. Nonetheless, they work best when you use them together.

Toner is an astringent; you can apply it using a cotton ball. Once you have washed cleanser off your face, use the toner to clear the remaining debris off your face. Once you have used this toner, allow your skin a few minutes to dry, and you are ready for the next step of your beauty regimen.

Next, use the primer as it simplifies and fills any imperfections that are on your skin. These include large pores and fine lines, leaving an even and smooth complexion. Ensure you use the primer before applying foundation or any other makeup that you intend to use.

Use of cosmetic treatment to help minimize pores
Regardless of makeup and cleansers being effective, you will find that your skin may at times need something that is stronger. Laser treatments and chemical peels do not reduce your pores size. Nonetheless, these cosmetic treatments make the pores less salient.

The benefits of chemical peels include:
• Improvement of the texture and tone of your skin
• Reduction or removal of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and age spots
• Reduction of the size of your pores
• Softening the lines on your face
• Stimulation of the production of collagen by your skin

There are deep peels and mild peel. Mild peels can be done often and quickly. However, deep peels may take up to two weeks to heal and are painful. There are also medium peels that fall in between in terms of effects and speed.
You need to know your skin type to find out which peel suits you.
Mild peel is good for dry skin, mild discoloration, fine lines, and acne. It is also good for uneven skin acne scars and deep wrinkles.
Deep peels are essential when you have deep wrinkles, discolored or scarred skin and any precancerous growths.

Finally, there is laser therapy. It is useful for the reduction of the size of your skin pores. It is helpful in increasing the production of collagen from your pores, making your pores appear smaller and tightening skin. Fraxel is the best non-ablative used to treat pores. You need to undergo several treatments to ensure that results are achieved. Regardless of the treatment you choose, always ensure that you treat your skin well in order to have that appearance that you covet.