How to Lessen Your Medical Bills Without Cheating Your Physician

A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy life. There is absolutely no one in this world who does not want to have it. Lucky for us, there are many ways to obtain a healthy body. includes exercising, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water everyday, and getting constant check-ups from a physician. However, living in a healthy manner does not always come cheap. You need to set aside a budget for your supplementary vitamins and your physician’s fees.

So can you actually save money without missing out on any of your meetings with the physician? If you want to, then here are some tips you can follow.

Lessen Your Medical Bills

  • Save money.

Just to avoid serious debt problems, save. Don’t burden your family or your future self by getting loans, or borrowing money from other people. While you still have enough strength to work, put a percentage of your income in a safe and use it only when you seriously need it.

  • Expect to pay a high amount.

When you are thinking and expecting that the amount you will be paying is huge, then you can set enough budget for it. Setting aside more money than what you really needed is better than being short of money. Also, think about the possible medicines you’re going to buy.

  • Read payment details.

When going for a check-up, you have to read your assessment and payment details. Don’t just pay directly without examining what you have to pay. When you see something you don’t understand on your bill, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation.

  • Send payment through medical biller.

Instead of going to the physician’s office and spending money on gas or fare, you can directly transfer money through tools like the medical biller. Making your payment arrangements online is less hassle, too.

  • Ask your doctor for discount.

Well, if you are known to be a loyal customer of a physician, you can negotiate for the price. They can give discounts if you ask for it. However, you can’t do this in big hospitals as the doctors don’t usually have control over the payment transaction. If you’re going there, it’s better if you use insurance.

  • Choose a good health insurance.

Having a good insurance will help you in paying your bills. Research on the existing health insurance companies in your area and compare their benefits. Choose your insurance according to which is more beneficial to your current health status. There are also packages that give you free yearly checkups, so you might want to check their policies carefully.

  • Be polite.

When you ask your physicians for discounts, or when you go to the billing department and ask if the doctor handling you is under some certain organizations that offer discounts, always be polite. Rudeness will not take you anywhere. Extra kindness and politeness eventually help you to get better assistance.


While you have little to no control about the standard fee of doctors, you can at least try to minimize spending your money on unnecessary services and get insurance.