How To Increase Energy At Work

Spend hours in front of the computer in the work, where our hands have the greatest movement, compared to the rest of the body that is inert, can become exhaustive. At the end of the day, we feel physically tired, and when we get home all we want is to have a moment of relaxation, leaving aside sport and other recreational activities.

This happens because our muscles are tense while we are at work, causing fatigue and fatigue. Having this clear, we must initiate a process of change, introducing new ones. Habits that help us increase and maintain energy throughout the day.

We tell you the best methods to always be energized …

How To Increase Energy At Work

Breakfast with protein

The most important meal of each day is breakfast. This should be balanced with fruits, milk, oats, yogurt and nuts, among other ingredients. Sweet doughs like pancakes and other packaged breads are tasty foods, but they are carbohydrates, which turn into sugar and provide energy, this does not last long in your body.

The important thing is to eat proteins that help you maintain energy and mood as high as you can, so that you have the best performance in your work. You can also consume Hordenine on a regular basis, as it helps in increasing productivity. You will have the chance to stave off laziness and improve your working capacity. Productivity also helps in improving brain function, and you will find it easier to learn.

Have small relaxation times

When you are in front of the computer you are completely focused on your work, while your body, especially your hands, are rigid writing on the keyboard for a long time; this accumulates tensions that eventually lead to fatigue.

The best way to relax your muscles is to drop your hands on your legs to take a break of a few minutes, while reading information, receiving emails or have a phone call.

Breathe deeply

In the same way that we become tense without realizing it, we do not breathe as we should, even more when we perform a work in which the motor is practically asleep, the breathing is short and of very long pauses.

Therefore, your mission is to begin to breathe normal and from time to time make deep inhalations, not with the chest, but with the part of the abdomen, called diaphragm. Thus, the muscles will relax and increase your energy.

Moments to walk

After the meal time, it is normal for you to have a low energy. We advise you to avoid having a cup of coffee, instead go walk the minutes you need to return to your work.

Exercise is revitalizing, and will increase your energy and release muscle tension. Studies indicate that by doing this type of physical movement your brain receives stimuli and improves your cognitive function.

Move and stretch muscles

From the desk, while you’re working, you can be moving or stretching your feet, not to strain them. You can also move your head in circles at certain times and your shoulders as if you were laughing. The muscles will relax without having to leave the place.

While stretching is not a good habit in public, every moment that you are alone is enough to stretch your arms and legs.

What other recommendations to keep energy in the workday can you share?