How Successful is Drug Addiction Treatment?

It seems that drugs are mentioned in every news broadcast, the availability of potentially dangerous drugs has led to a surge in people who have a drug issue and are in need of drug addiction treatment.  In fact there has been a steady increase in the number of drug addiction treatment centers.  There are a variety of approaches to treating this issue; the majority of centers will focus on counseling and medication.  Counseling provides an opportunity for a sufferer to work out what has caused the drug issue and, therefore, what they need to change in their lives to help prevent a relapse.  Counseling is also a good technique for dealing with trauma and helping people move on without the dependency on drugs.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Medication is a necessary supplement to the counseling; it allows an addict to slowly withdraw from a drug without undergoing an agonizing and often unsuccessful cessation of a drug.  These two treatments are very effective together, however, many drug addicts leave their drug addiction treatment clean and have returned to drugs within a matter of weeks.  This leads to the question of how successful is drug treatment.

Successfully treating drug addiction requires a more flexible and dedicated approach.  There are now centers, such as who offer a range of holistic options to aid recovery and a lifetime aftercare package.  This is an essential difference and why this center, and others like it, experiences such a high success rate.

Treating someone who wants to recover from an addiction is relatively easy when in a confined environment.  Food, drink and access to drugs can be strictly monitored and controlled; making it much easier for someone to stop taking drugs.  However, once the treatment is over, the former addict will return to their old life and be subject to the same stresses and influences which led them to take drugs in the first place.  Moving is only an option for a small minority.

To ensure a rehabilitated drug addict does not relapse there needs to be two criteria in place:

  1. Understanding

An addict must understand what has happened in their life to lead them to a drug dependency.  They must also be able to see how certain actions and behaviors lead to an increased risk of drug taking.  If they can understand this then they can look at ways to adjust their lifestyle, work and even their daily stress to prevent the need to cope by taking drugs.  This must be a lifelong commitment to living differently.

  1. Aftercare

Centers like the one mentioned above have realized that the level of aftercare provided to former drug addicts can make a huge difference to the success rates of a clinic.  Everyone, no matter how determined will have bad days when they are tempted, stressed, or may even succumb to the temptation.  Having a support network which they can contact at any time of the day or night can and does make a huge difference to these people.  Having someone to turn to for support and advice can inspire someone to stay clean, no matter what else is going on around them.

If you wish to undertake successful drug addiction treatment you must choose a clinic that offers the very best aftercare.