How Losing Weight is a Sign of Addiction from Cocaine Use

The media projects an unattainable image of beauty to the public. Around nine and 10 American teenage girls feel pressure from the fashion and media industries to be skinny. It leads to being willing to try almost anything to achieve unrealistic weight loss goals.

The use of cocaine is one of the risky ways to lose weight. If you are using cocaine, then you are going to need to check into a West Virginia cocaine addiction rehab. Read on to find out how losing weight is a sign of addiction from cocaine use.

Changes the Way the Body Stores Fat

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant that has appetite suppressing properties. This drug changes the way your body stores fat. Cocaine users usually have lower levels of leptin, which is a protein. Leptin plays a role in regulating the appetite and controls how the body consumes calories.

The misconception is that cocaine use decreases your appetite. However, it changes how the body store fat, which is why addicts are leaner. Cocaine users can take in a lot of calories, eat more carbohydrates and fats. They tend to have a lower fat mass than people who do not use the drug.

A decrease in leptins and eating a high fat diet can cause an imbalance in the metabolism. These factors lead to losing weight, but you gain the weight back when stop using the drug.

How Losing Weight

Understand the Affects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine use is not the right approach to losing weight because of the severe health risks. You must understand the short and long term affects of cocaine abuse. It is possible to feel the effects of cocaine from a single use. The drug makes you feel energetic, euphoric, mentally alert, talkative and hypersensitive to touch, sound and sight. It decreases the need for sleep and food as well.

You can also experience short-term physiological effects. These effects include dilated pupils, constricted blood vessels, increased body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. If you use large amounts of cocaine, then it can intensify your high. This leads to erratic, violent and bizarre behavior.

Some cocaine users have experienced paranoia, panic, anxiety, irritability and restlessness. Other short-term symptoms may include muscle twitches, vertigo and tremors.

Know the Long-Term Abuse

Long-term abuse of cocaine causes a multitude of physical problems. It is possible to reverse the damage to the body from this drug. Unfortunately, years of abuse can have irreversible effects.

Cocaine damages your cardiovascular system in a number of ways. These damages include blood clots, tachycardia, angina, myocardial infarction, permanently increased blood pressure and arrhythmia. Other damages may include respiratory, pulmonary, liver, kidney and gastrointestinal.

It is important to get help to overcome your addiction as soon as possible. You do not know what cocaine use can do to your health in terms of long term.

Quit with Help

If you are losing weight, then you have been using cocaine for a while. This drug is highly addictive that directly targets your central nervous system. It puts you at risk for physical and psychological dependence. You should not stop using cocaine without professional help.

When you stop using the drug, you are going to start to gain weight. This reason alone will cause some people to continue to use the drug. If you have been using cocaine for a while, then your body is going to react when not using. This drug is a stimulant that causes your body to over produce depressant effects to create balance.

You are also going to experience symptoms as the drug pass through your system. These symptoms may include depression, slower thinking, exhaustion, increased appetite, muscle aches, unable to concentrate and bad dreams. You body has to regain its homeostasis.

Enter a Treatment Center

A drug rehabilitation center is the best method for becoming drug free. Program participants go through a medical detox. A medical staff will monitor your progress and give you medicines to help with the symptoms. After getting the drug out of your system, you can start working on the reason for your drug use.

You also have access to counseling, support groups, workshops and job counseling. It helps to interact with someone with the same experiences. This environment is a good place for finding a mentor as well. Your mentor work as your accountability partner and can help when you feel like relapsing.

The use of cocaine is illegal. You should never do anything illegal or reckless to lose weight.