Home Health Care Keeps NYC a Great City for Seniors

New York City is preparing for a surge in its over-65 (and over-85) population over the next decade and a half, largely because it’s becoming known as a great place to retire and age. While Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina still top the list of New York’s out-of-state retirement destinations, more and more seniors are deciding to stay in New York, and stay there for good. Others are even moving into the city from the suburbs and other states, fuelling a projected increase from 1 million to 1.6 million seniors by 2030.

There are plenty of great reasons to stay in (or move to) the city, not least of all is the walkability, a valuable way for seniors to get exercise and important as they age and begin to drive less. There’s also plenty to do with all of that extra time now that they are no longer working full time, from Broadway to the museums and an incredible diversity of restaurants and coffee shops, all only blocks away. While rent and doctor’s visits can be more expensive than in other parts of the country, many advocates talk about the savings on insurance, gas, and payments when you don’t have to own a car. Others, undaunted by the cold weather, say they prefer the chilly months to the oppressive heat and humidity of typical Sun Belt retirement destinations.

After the first golden years of retirement, many older adults begin to need additional assistance in their daily lives, sometimes because of reduced mobility or vision, chronic medical conditions, or even dementia-related illnesses. It’s at this juncture in life that home care services in NYC for seniors can intervene to keep you comfortable and enjoying city life.

If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia, it’s time to have an honest discussion with your family about your future. It’s natural to want to stay in the residence of your choosing as you age, even if you need assistance from a caregiver or you are developing an illness related to dementia such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Caregiver agencies like Mavencare are making it possible for NYC seniors to get top quality dementia care in their own homes, from assistance with fundamentals like dressing, toileting, and bathing, to escorted trips out to the park or to socialize. You can continue to enjoy the city, its incredible sights, museums, culture, and street life, with the help of a compassionate caregiver.

If you opt for home care and your family does not live in New York, there are still plenty of ways for them to stay involved in your well-being as your illness progresses. Another advantage of hiring a company like Mavencare is their connected home care, arranged through an app that allows families to constantly check in and receive live text and photo updates from caregivers. With an increase in services for seniors and investment in age-friendly infrastructure across the city, there has never been a better time to age in New York City.