Essential Information on What You can and should Expect after Undergoing Hernia Surgery

Hernia surgery is not something to look forward to – no surgery is. However, there’s great news: hernia surgery is a relatively minor operation and most people who have to undergo it can leave the hospital the same or the very next day. Your physician should advise you on precautions to take, and what you can and can’t do before the operation.

Naturally, there are some things you should plan for the recovery period. It pays to plan this in advance so that the healing goes as smoothly as possible. Here is some essential information on what you can and should expect after undergoing hernia surgery.

Undergoing Hernia Surgery

Immediately after the operation

Once the operation is done, the patient will be taken to the Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit. In this area, patients are closely monitored by professionals to ensure the patient is stable, and to note any progress. Patients who have received general anaesthesia must be fully awake and coherent before they are allowed to leave.

In the unit

While recovering, the patient may be given ice chips or water, depending on the tolerance of the patient. This may happen almost immediately, especially if the patient seems to be doing well and can tolerate liquids. Oral liquids may be avoided, however, if the person is too incoherent and the risk of vomiting is too great.

Making arrangements for going home

The patient will not be allowed to drive any vehicle, or may not be able to walk home by him- or herself; for this reason, arrangements must be made for safe transportation home. Getting family members or friends to help is a good idea – this should be planned in advance.

Resuming activity

Even if the anaesthesia has worn off, the pain at the area of the incisions may make it hard for the patient to resume normal activities for a while – the patient should rest for the next few days.

Getting assistance

The more the patient can rely on the help of family and relatives for the next few days, the greater the progress in healthy recovery tends to be.

You’ll be requested to see your physician after a few days – usually a week – after the surgery, to get an evaluation. At this time, the practitioner will ask you questions about your general state of health, your activities, and answer any questions you may have about your recovery, as a hernia surgery in Hampshire expert from the London Surgical Group confirms. It’s usual for stitches (if any) to be removed at this time; a procedure that is relatively painless and quick. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to ask for advice on how to proceed from there, and make additional plans if required.