Here’s What Plastic Surgery Can Do For You

Think of your favorite movie star. Chances are that they have had some form of defect correction procedure done on them in the past. This is not just limited to improving facial features, but also extends to nips and tucks on their chest, stomach and other parts of their body to keep them looking stellar.

However plastic surgery is not just limited to the glamour world. It is used extensively to correct various complications such as a cleft lip, eradicating surgery scars on the face, reconstructing broken noses etc. For all the flake plastic surgery gets in pop culture, it sure has helped millions regain their sense of confidence and has upped their self esteem.

Plastic Surgery

What is “Plastic surgery”?

In this context, the word plastic is derived from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means to mould or form, as in reshaping existing contours. Plastic surgery helps accentuate certain physical features of a person, depending on their needs. This procedure can be used for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

  • Reconstructive surgeries are popular in correcting defects in the face or other body parts. These defects might be a result of birth defects or due to injuries from dog bite, skin rupture, scars, burns etc.
  • Cosmetic surgeries are used extensively to correct ageing effects. The surgeon nips excessive skin and fat around the face, thus tightening the skin giving you a young, rejuvenating look. Some procedures also involve manipulating existing body features to improve aesthetic look. Some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures include rhinoplasty- nose reconstruction, augmentation/ reduction mammoplasty- increasing/ reducing breast size, etc. The procedures involving the use of lasers to rid your body of unwanted hair and sanding of skin to heal scarring also falls in this category.

Is Plastic surgery right for you?

Although plastic surgery physically alters the way you look, it also impacts you psychologically, based on how people perceive the “new” you. This is problem that can be addressed with proper counseling and consultation with your doctor, even in legitimate reconstructive surgeries!

Most plastic surgery procedures are fairly straightforward and can be performed under a local anesthesia. Once the surgery is completed, you will be kept under observation for a few hours, and sent home on the same day. Unless the surgery is a complex procedure, in which case you might have to spend a couple of days in the hospital. It is imperative that you let your body take it’s time to completely heal from the procedure before opting for another plastic surgery session.

 In some cases, owing to the complexity of the procedure, you might have to return to your surgeon for multiple sittings in order to complete the procedure in full. Make sure to follow through on the medication and diet suggested by your plastic surgeon to help speed up your healing process.