Hemorrhoids Are Not A Bigger Problem In Today’s Era

There are various adults who are suffering from hemorrhoid and they just don’t know why they are suffering from it. Both the genders from male to female are suffering from this serious problem. At any age, this condition can occur and mostly it is not cured in its own. It mainly occurs when the vascular cushions grow, swollen or stretched. People suffering will feel that they are under no circumstances to stand nicely or do their daily work. In many of the conditions the blood can be seen in bowel movement. The causes of Hemorrhoids are Less fiber in the diet, Pregnancy, Chronic constipation, having stress and hereditary.  The prolonged stool straining is another symptom that happens a lot and with proper diet, this condition is can be prevented.


Different degrees in which the Hemorrhoids are divided

First Degree: In this condition, the person can see the blood coming out with a bowel movement. If you are seeing it for the first time then it is recommended to eat more fiber meals. You can also consult the doctor for expert analysis.

Second Degree: Blood comes out with the bowel movement and also the hemorrhoids. When the movement is finished it goes back without any efforts.

Third Degree: In this case, the signs of Hemorrhoids can be seen easily. It comes out while bowel movements or when the patient is carrying a large number of objects. The patients can also push it back with their fingers.

Fourth Degree: It is a very dangerous situation and the patients should immediately consult an expert. Hemorrhoids remain outside and even with fingers it does not go inside. The bigger problem occurs when it starts to grow. It should be stopped from growing and proper treatment is to be taken.

Modes of treatment

High Fiber Food: This is one of a kind of treatment which applies fully for First Degree. It will stop the blood from coming out and also the patient can make a chart of different high fiber food. The injection can also be used in this content but utilizing fiber from food is much recommended.

Rubber Band: With the use of special types of instruments the rubber band is inserted around the base. It stops the flow of blood and in few days time it disappears. For few days the patient will feel some problem then after sometimes the pain is bearable.

Staple Surgery: The use of staple is made to remove the stretched part out. This process is not made using any anesthesia and takes very less time to operate. The patient can easily leave the hospital in one or two days and go back to his normal routine after a week.

Open Surgery: It is a traditional type of surgery in which anesthesia is used. The hemorrhoid is cut and taken out. It can also take more than six weeks for the bleeding to stop and then the patient is completely healed. The patients only have to stay in the hospital for a week.