Hair Loss and Hair Dye: Is There Any Relation Between the Two?

Are you crazy for hair color? Do you think it embraces you? Whatever. The blame which hair dyes face is that its overuse is actually making you go bald. Quite shocking, right?

FDA reported that most of the complaints which people make at their Cosmetics and Colors’ Office is regarding hair colors.

How hair dye cause hair loss?

The hair dye which we use consists of 4-methoxy-m-phenylenediamine (4MMPD) or 4-methoxy-m-phenylenediamine sulfate (4MMPD sulfate), two coal- tar ingredients. All these chemicals irritate the scalp. While coloring, you actually are removing the water, lipids, and proteins present in your hair fiber. Frequent hair coloring weakens the hair shaft resulting to its breakage and they ultimately fall out.

The texture of the hair also determines how speedily you will lose your hair due to they dye. Our hair is like a delicate piece of fabric. So, if your hair is fine, you should deal with it more carefully i.e., you have to stop apply color frequently.

Hair Loss and Hair Dye

You may have read in many articles that the dyes have no direct relation with hair loss. To support it, they say that the hair which we see above the skin surface is already dead. But, these people forget that this theory can be applied only to the gray hair. And what about the black hair which we want to color? Are they dead too? Of course, not.

There are many follicles which get affected by the chemicals present in the dyes.  Hence, it’s always better to keep its use to the minimum. Instead, you can use henna. It is safe, colors your hair, and also boost your hair volume.

Is it possible to regain the lost hair?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to regain the lost hair. All you have to do is to follow some DIY natural female hair loss treatment. So, are you up for it?

  • Soak 30g of amla powder, 20g of ya STI Madhu, 10g of Brahmi, and 10g of bhangra overnight in a bowl. Grind them into a paste the next morning. Apply it directly to the scalp. Wash it off with lukewarm water after 2 hours.
  • Another effective and easy female hair loss treatment is drinking lots of water daily. Staying hydrated is essential for proper growth of the tissues. The dyes removes the water from our hair shaft. So, if we success in retaining that water, our hair will again grow to its full.
  • Use a wide tooth wood comb. Fine comb can hurt the delicate new grown hair. On the contrary, wide tooth comb are gentle on your hair and scalp. Moreover, they also give a massaging effect and distribute the natural oil evenly in your hair and scalp.

Don’t expect that these remedies will give you a head full of hair overnight. They are time-consuming and you have to be patience while applying it. And, if you want a quick method, then you can switch to hair transplantation.

Know everything related to it before undergoing the surgery.