Fundamentals of Orthopaedic Massage


Identified as a multi-disciplinary approach, an orthopaedic massage in contrast to a medical massage is all about relieving muscular and soft tissue pain that was caused due to certain dysfunctions or injuries. It involves assessing the troubled condition of the patient and suggesting an alleviating therapy through the movement of damaged tissues, eventually leading to a substantial reduction in pain and inflammation of the injured tissue. It is through this procedure that the injured body part begins to enjoy greater mobility.

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Orthopaedic Massage

The following are the four important stages of an orthopaedic massage.

  1. A Comprehensive Assessment of Pain

Starting off with a thorough assessment of the pain experienced by a patient, this preliminary assessment throws light on trying to answer pertinent questions pertaining to the injury, the therapist aims at ascertaining the manner in which the injury was caused in addition to identifying the actual cause of the pain.

  1. Musculoskeletal evaluation

The second stage tries to unearth various options of treatment that will provide relief to the patient. These treatments should, however, be in line with the nature of injury caused, thereby coming as a helpful aid in alleviating pain.

  1. The Actual Treatment

Proceeding towards treatment is the third step which involves the identification of a particular massage technique that will help reduce the pain. Such a massage which should not hurt the patient should be designed to actually treat the pain, focusing on the ruptured and damaged tissues of the injured body part.

  1. Health Improvement Treatment

Once bitten, twice shy! In line with this adage, the last stage of orthopaedic massage thrusts a great deal of importance on maintenance of the damaged tissue along with a volley of self-care information that will be transmitted to the patient to avoid all the situations of re-injury. Essentially focusing on the progression towards long-term healing, all these four stages of orthopaedic massage come as a relief to patients suffering from orthopaedic pain caused either due to bodily dysfunctions or through impactful falls.

Benefits of Orthopaedic Massage

Identified as a non-invasive method of treating orthopaedic problems, an orthopaedic massage works wonders in more ways than one!

  1. Helps strengthen the weak muscles
  2. Enhances joint flexibility
  3. Ensures proper circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues
  4. Hastens tissue re-generation while working towards reducing the prominence of scars and stretch marks near the injured part
  5. Best suited to counter post-surgery inflammation
  6. Helps in reducing the occurrence of spasms and muscular cramps
  7. Helps sports enthusiasts to recover faster from their sports related injuries
  8. Relaxes the injured tissue and soothes the over-strained muscles

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