Four Ways to Workout in the Water

Exercising in the swimming pool can be both fun and energizing. The water flowing all around you is relaxing and warm, making almost any exercise routine more pleasant. Plus, just the act of staying afloat in the water can help build your muscles and get your heart pumping. Consider four suggestions on how to get a workout in the water.

An Exercise Routine of Swim Strokes

If you know six or more swim strokes you can build an exercise routine with them. Doing laps in the same stroke can get boring, so be sure to vary them. For instance, perform one lap in freestyle swim stroke. Then, on the way back to the starting point, go with the butterfly stroke. The backstroke, sidestroke and breaststroke are all great strokes to incorporate into your routine.

Four Ways to Workout in the Water

Water Aerobics

When you participate in water aerobics you are moving in place in one area of a swimming pool. This is great exercise for people with balance issues and who like to feel to the support of the water all around them. There are moves that exercise the arms, legs neck and back. Though it may look like an easy routine, a water aerobics class can really get your heart pumping!

Diving Practice

If you go to a swimming pool that has diving boards, think about practicing various dives for exercise. Of course, you should have some experience with diving before you choose this routine. To make the routine even more effective you can swim to another area of the pool after diving, then walk back to the diving board for another try. This keeps you moving and boosts the efficiency of your metabolism.

Water Yoga

Yoga can be done in the water as well as on dry ground. There are many simple poses a person can do while standing in the shallow end of a swimming pool. The stretching can increase flexibility and holding a pose increases strength. If you are looking for an exercise routine that helps reduce stress as well, water yoga can be very helpful.

Finally, just being outside in a swimming pool in the sunshine contributes to a healthy state of mind. Interacting with others around you who are there enjoying the water is a great way to meet new people with a shared interest.