Four Secrets For Muscle Hyperthrophy

If you are a body builder beginner, you cannot refrain from starting your path to muscle growth, through the study and the complete understanding of all those mechanisms that will regulate this particular physiological process.

Without going into details and results as a scientific publication, we will explore the basic rules to obtain the best results of muscular hypertrophy in a efficient and quick way.

Body mass training will trigger the growth of muscles in all its parts

How is it possible to shortly increase lean muscle mass? You have to consider two important factors, first of all physical strength is not directly connected with hypertrophy and second to obtain good results you have to stimulate muscles in all its parts. So don’t try to lift heavier weights day by day, because you can only get hurt by training this way.

With this introduction we can easily understand, that in order to be efficient for hypertrophy purposes, a training must be conceived specifically to trigger the development of myofibrils and sarcoplasm, the two primary constituent of muscles.

This is why you have to alternate training that aim to stimulate slow contraction fibers with workouts that will act directly on fast twitch muscle fibers, since is well known that in body builder both types of fibers are presents, and actually the slow contraction fiber are higher than others.

We will not get into details of the specific workout you may follow, we will leave to professional trainers the last words on this matter, we will only provide the principals to achieve your goals so that together with your trainer you can study a specific strategy that will fit your needs.

Get Enhanced Muscle Mass

A proper Diet plan is fundamental for muscle development

You understood how to train in order to increase body size, but remember without a proper nutrition all this is useless and will not give you the results you wish to have.

Every day you need to follow two fundamental rules, one is to guarantee the positive balance of calories and second a proper nitrogen balance. Only in this way you will ensure the fuel needed to boost your workouts and the plastic substrate required to make your tissues bigger, stronger and more resistant than ever.

Remember you cannot eat every kind of food to increase the calorie amount, a proper diet is made with healthy food containing little fats, and that is really important if you do not want to raise the level of adipose tissue and if you want to avoid any issue related to the health and balance of the blood lipid parameters.

Therefore you can select all foods like pasta, cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit, meat, fresh seafood and pay attention to elaborate dishes and seasoning by limiting the use of dressing to a few grams of good fats per day, like ten grams of olive oil or soy.

A successful recovery for a faster growth

Your muscles do not grow while you are training or while you are eating but when you are resting, especially at night during your sleep. Workout gives you the metabolic rate necessary to start the physiological process that takes to muscle growth, the diet will replenish the organism with important substances improving energy levels and supply the nutrients needed for the regeneration of tissues, but it is only with the proper recovery that those two factors will cooperate together and give the best results, boosting hypertrophy.

Are Nutrition Supplements worth it?

In the last 30 years the production of nutrition supplements has seen several labels producing all kind of products to guarantee muscle growth and fat loss, and to improve all the effects that lead to maximize those type of results.

However to answer to the question above, yes, nutrition supplements are worth it, and if used to support the purpose they were created for, they may represent a very good ally to achieve your goals and add extra benefits to your healthy and balanced diet. The market offers a wide range of products to choose from, but those who cannot miss from your diet plan are definitely:

  • Powder fast absorption Whey Protein, great to be used in the morning, after-training or any time you need to quickly raise the protein level and the digestion of regular food is to slow to supply a fast intake of protein causing proteolysis
  • Bcaa which are three branched chain amino acids that represent the 40% of muscles in the human being, those a great aid to stimulate hypertrophy
  • Monohydrate Creatine, a tripetide with well-known ergogenic properties which may catalyze and enhance the release of energy
  • High glycemic index Carboidrates to be consumed in the morning and after training to promote anabolism and boost insulin levels

This are the main products that you may think to purchase, from your reliable retailer, or as the actual trend on the e-commerce, in websites like Nutrition Center, a leader company in the field of sport nutrition supplements.