Flaunt Your Fitness Goals In Instagram

Look at that flab! That bloated belly! Where’s the thigh gap? That tight double chin is showing! Help!

These are the nightmarish thoughts that you gain when you are obsessed with your weight. You think your weight is unmanageable.

You look older than your age. People mock at you. You are called by the names elephant, polar bear and the like.

But hold on. Think for a while. Is obesity really unmanageable?

Do you think you cannot fit into your LBD further?

Dude, get off these stigmas. It is high time you start thinking positively.

Most of you think that fashion demands you to be slim. But let be bring before you the light of honesty. Being fit and getting slim is not the same.

Fitness means to be in the right shape that your body demands. That means, you have to have the exact weight as per your height and health. While, on the other hand, slim is to be thin.

Flaunt Your Fitness Goals In Instagram images

Enough of description. Now let us focus on the work.

You cannot gain anything simply. Here too, you have to sacrifice with your favorite pancakes, spicy biriyani, delicious burger, mouth-watering caramel ice creams.

So what should be your diet?

You should aim at looking fit. Not at looking slim. Therefore, your daily diet should welcome the following foods in the platter:

  • Milk

Be it during bedtime or in your breakfast table, a glass of milk is a must. Milk gives you calcium. Nothing can be better than milk to repair muscles.

  • Dried fruits

Instead of munching those oily burgers and pizzas, take some dry fruits. It is a great energy booster.

  • Broccoli

When broccoli falls under green vegetables, how can you think of missing it! If you want to fight like Jackie Chan, you need broccoli. What else can make your bones so strong!

  • Sweet potatoes

Mashed, baked or turned to pate, sweet potatoes can be consumed in any of these forms. Its potassium content prevents muscle cramps.

  • Tomatoes

Since tomatoes share a good friendship with weight loss hormones, this too cannot be missed. It regulates the metabolic rate and increases appetite.

  • Bananas

Bananas are a perfect fitness food. They are compact, soft, easy to digest and stuffed with a lot of nutrients. When talking of bananas, how can you forget its high iron content! So, everyday, your breakfast should have one banana.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries are those knights that enter your body with shining armor. They defeat the free radical antioxidants. Frozen berries are super cool when eaten after a session of exercising.

So this was your diet chart. Is there anything that can be done for fitness? Of course.

What about some physical training?

Flaunt Your Fitness Goals In Instagram

Now here comes the man of the match. Yes, I’m speaking of the exercises that most of you dislike.

No matter what, regular exercising is like a dedication. However busy you are, make sure you do not miss out your exercises.

Some of the best in this business are:

  • Push ups
  • Planks
  • Glute bridge
  • Spider lunge
  • Squats

Keep practicing

Therefore, chant the fitness mantra with these foods and referred exercises. By the end of a month, you are sure to be envied by your friends. No one knows you may get a call from Hollywood someday!