Five Exercises You Should Avoid

Unfortunately, one bad rep can end a career. Many bodybuilders have seen this far too often in the industry. Though you don’t have to be a career bodybuilder to gain benefit from what we’ll discuss below. We’re about to uncover five of the worst exercises that you should never be doing!

The “Flys”

Believe it or not, many trainers will make the argument that chest flys can increase the stretch on your chest. Well it’s simply not true because of a biological limitation. The Wellness Digest points out that the origin of insertion where the arms meet the chest will prevent any chest stretching because of the Pectoralis Major anatomical structure.

So let’s put your hand on that point, and try to actually feel where it inserts into the upper arm. Notice that when you get to the bottom of a bench press, you’re putting a maximum amount of stretch onto the chest already. What is happening when the arms move further back? If you’re opening your arm up further, it’s not doing anything! It only increases the length of the lever arm, which is what can cause that one bad rep. If this happens, might as well throw out all of your best workout supplements since your career is toast!

Five Exercises You Should Avoid

Behind the Neck (BIN) Shoulder Press

There are many bodybuilders aware of the risks when they put weight over their shoulders. Yet, many continue to do it anyway. Why? For one, it’s a commonly accepted exercise. This is risky because putting that bar over your head increases load on the shoulders.

The issue is that you’re pushing on an abnormal plane of motion when looking at orientation of our shoulders in the joint. The Glenohumeral joint shows the ball and socket will angle forward at a slight degree. We’re causing the rolling of the ball in the socket to be abnormal, and this increases the likelihood for impingement.

Upright Rows

Another one of the worst exercise for your shoulders. Especially because we have so many better options. Again, the nature of this exercise puts you into the impingement position. You’re trying to raise your elbows upwards while the weight of the bar pulls your hands downwards. You may have been doing it for years without problems, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have problems on that one particular day with one single rep. This type of overuse and overload can eventually lead to a breakdown of shoulders and should be avoided altogether.

Good Mornings

This exercise might already be considered a defunct exercise, simply because the Good Morning hamstring technique simply gets too many people hurt. On one hand, it’s a good exercise in terms of its proper pattern of movement. On the other, people actually lack the thoracic extension needed to do this exercise properly. Many sedentary jobs do not allow for the posture and daily fitness required, and you would have to be strengthening your back muscles in advance to attempt it.

Leg Extensions

These exercises are absolutely unnecessary and should be called leg extinctions. There are so many better ways to strengthen the quads and legs. This exercise puts a shearing force on your knees with constant tension on the ACL ligaments. Eventually, this can lead to patella issues down the road.

So in addition to keeping away from the above exercises, you can better prevent muscle strains, rips, and tears with the right diet and supplementation. BELDT Labs notes creatine side effects may occur if the recommended dosages are not taken. It’s important to properly monitor your protein and creatine levels for peak performance, as there’s no reason to continue an exercise that causes obvious breakdown over time. Especially just because it’s not causing you a problem right now. There are plenty of better options to choose from!