Five Benefits of Stretching Machines for Fitness

Stretching machines are welcome tools in the twenty first century for those who want to improve their flexibility or stretchability in the comfort of their homes. The feeling of tight muscles is not at all a good feeling and one tries to get over it by using the stretching machine. There are many devices in the market enabling the customer to choose from. People who exercise regularly either by jogging, lifting weights and games like basketball, tennis, martial arts and even dancing can benefit from going to a stretching machine for a change to stretch their muscles. However not all stretch machines are built the same way just as all muscle groups are not the same. Hence the stretch machines are broken down to two types. They are the whole body machine stretch and the leg stretch machine.

Stretching Machines for Fitness

Whole Body Machine stretch

In this stretch the whole body is taken into consideration while performing the stretch exercises. This exercise targets the broader parts of the body such as hamstrings, upper and lower back, quadriceps and calves. Mainly this exercise is to improve the body posture, reduce the back pain and bring more flexibility in the joint and muscles. As said earlier that there are many machines available in the market for stretching but what one must look carefully in a machine are the following salient points:

  • Machine should have a solid construction.
  • The machine should have a protective padding around the seat and knee.
  • The machine should reach out to all age groups.
  • The machine should have the ability to accommodate all types of muscle users.
  • The machine should come with wrist straps.
  • It should be ergonomically designed.
  • It should be easily transportable and have a warranty period.

Leg Stretching Machines

People who have problems especially in the hamstring area these machines are ideally suited to get over this problem. This machine helps people to stretch their leg muscles for martial sports persons and dancers who wish to do the splits this machine will be very useful. In cases of tight hamstrings this machine will prove a blessing in disguise. Even those who would like to touch their toes this machine is the right choice.

There is a control wheel on the leg and split machines which enables the person to slowly stretch the muscles. There is also a comfortable padding for protection. Just like the whole body machines there are different leg stretching machines in the market. Again here also one must look for the following features when buying a leg stretching machine.

  • The machine should have an adjustable back support.
  • The machine should have padded panels for protection
  • The machine should be of sturdy construction.
  • The machine must come equipped with a control wheel
  • The machine should be easily to assemble.

What are the benefits of using stretch machines

Every person from the common man on the road to the sportsman or celebrity would like to have a body free from aches and pains. Athletes, martial arts performers and dancers spend months and years in practice. In the many hours of each day’s practice the body muscles are stretched to the limit to bring about perfection. Even golfers who just have to stand in a single place also do stretch exercise for the hips, back and forearms. This is done to get their drive accurate. However once the stretching exercise is over the body comes back to its tight position and that feeling is worse. The main advantage of a stretch machine is that one can exercise in the comfort zone of home and also not feel the pressure to over stretch. One can take his or her own time and go session by session so as to improve the flexibility and loosening of the muscles. There is no time limit for these exercises and neither any particular part of the day when one can do them.

Martial Arts leg stretch machine

In martial arts the entire body needs to be streamlined to perfection. The machines for martial arts need to be full bodies as the whole body is taken into consideration. A dedicated martial will concentrate on the splits. Having a control wheel the martial artiste is able to increase his or her stretch at one’s own speed and comfort level.  The leg muscles needs to be strengthened in martial arts and this machine enables one to do so.

Developing a stretch habit

During every stage of growing up, one can feel tightness in the muscles of the body. The person at the computer will always feel the tightness around the neck and back muscles. The lady in the kitchen would feel the tightness in the calves, legs and back due to the continuous standing in the kitchen. Every person must get into the habit of stretching so as to loosen the muscles. Even the joint stiffness would loosen up with a few stretch exercises. Even for the elderly a little caution and discipline could go a long way in getting relief from the joint aches and muscle cramps.

The Ultimate word in Stretch machines

Stretch machine should be chosen very carefully as per one’s needs. A cycle is not ridden every day and neither one rows every day. However a stretching machine needs one to be more disciplined and methodical. Going on the stretch machine every day helps slowly increase one’s flexibility. The stretch machine is a device that one chooses as per needs. Once a stretch machine is bought one must start to use it immediately. One must concentrate on the areas of stiffness and what degree the splits have to be done. Even yoga experts would recommend the stretch machine as it helps the entire body to shape and loosen up. However there is a word of caution. One must consult a doctor before getting on to the stretch machine. One must understand one’s limits before starting the daily routine and slowly gaining flexibility and also avoiding any physical injury.